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   Chapter 798 Never Treat Her As A Real Friend

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The wounds in Rosy's neck were not that itchy and sore now, and besides, she had nothing else to do but stay in bed, so she thought it would be good to have Patricia keep her company.

She quickly texted Patricia back.

"Okay, please come to the Nalan Clan's private hospital. You can google the address yourself."

Rosy never bothered herself to keep any address in her mind since she always had personal drivers to drive her around. Moreover, she had no sense of direction, so she didn't know how to get to the private hospital even though she'd been here so many times.

Meanwhile, Patricia was anxiously waiting for Rosy's message. When she heard her phone beep, she was thrilled to see Rosy's reply. Rosy had approved her visit.

After googling the address, Patricia excitedly drove Rosy's Audi A8 to the Nalan Clan's private hospital. It hadn't been difficult for her to find the address since the hospital was famous in SH City.

On her way to the hospital, she suddenly realized that she shouldn't go empty-handed when visiting a patient. She mulled over what she should bring Rosy. She couldn't simply buy a gift for her. Since the Nalan Clan was much richer than the Zhuo Clan, Rosy would already have all the luxurious items Patricia could think of to buy. After racking her brain for a while, she finally came up with a good idea. 'Since Rosy is sick now, she can't eat greasy food. I can bring her some congee! It's good for her health, and more importantly, it shows how concerned I am about her health!' thought Patricia happily.

With that thought in mind, she carefully scanned the shops on both sides of the road while driving the car slowly. Finally, she spotted a KFC outlet. She pulled the car over and hurried into the restaurant to buy a bowl of congee with minced pork and preserved egg*. (*TN: In most KFC outlets in China, these sorts of Chinese congee are sold during breakfast time.)

As Patricia was walking out of the KFC outlet with a plastic bowl of congee in her hands, another great idea suddenly popped into her mind. With sparkling eyes and a cunning smile, she got into her car and drove back home instead of going to the hospital.

As soon as she reached home, she asked one of the servants to pour the congee from the plastic bowl into a thermos container. Then, holding the "home-made" congee in her hand, she went back to her car and drove toward the hospital again.

Meanwhile, Jessie Luo, who had just come back to SH City from her trip, was also rushing to the Nalan Clan's private hospital. A few hours earlier before she'd boarded the plane at the airport of SY City, she'd seen the message that Rosy had posted on her WeChat Moments and gotten to know that Rosy was in the hospital.

After that, her phone had begun to run out of battery. By the time she landed in the airport of SH City, her phone died. But anyway, Jessie was familiar with the way to the Nal

y. In an instant, she picked up her pace to get to Rosy's ward.

By this time, Jessie had already arrived at Rosy's ward and was knocking on the door.

"Come in," Rosy's voice came from inside the ward.

Rosy was lying on the bed with her eyes closed.

When she heard the door open, she asked without opening her eyes, "How do you feel driving in my car? Is it amazing?"

"What car? What do you mean? I saw your post on WeChat Moments. How are you feeling now? Better?" Jessie asked.

Rosy was taken aback when she heard Jessie's voice instead of Patricia's. Since she had been friends with Jessie for many years, she recognized it instantly.

She immediately opened her eyes and looked toward the door.

"Oh? You're finally back? I thought you've already forgotten about me!" Rosy complained coldly as soon as she saw Jessie walk in.

"I was busy with some important work in SY City, so I had to delay my return to SH City," Jessie explained, looking embarrassed.

Just as Jessie finished speaking, Patricia arrived and rushed in. "Rosy, I'm here!"

"Oh! Patricia, you've arrived! Come in now! Please take a seat here. Just sit next to me and chat with me. I'm almost bored to death," Rosy said to Patricia in an enthusiastic voice.

In just the past few days, a lot of bad things had happened to Rosy. In the past, Jessie had always stayed by her side and helped her overcome her problems. However, in recent times, Rosy had come across a few urgent situations but Jessie hadn't been there for her. Rosy had tried to contact her and ask her for help a few times, but Jessie had never picked up. Rosy felt completely disappointed and unhappy with Jessie.

'Why did you go to SY City? You were not there with me when I was in danger!' Rosy complained in her mind.

Deep down, she had never treated Jessie as a real friend. She'd always thought of Jessie as her adviser, as well as her helper who could get things done.

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