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   Chapter 797 Be Bitten By Dozens Of Rove Beetles

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Updated: 2019-05-18 00:15

It was three in the morning.

Most people would be asleep at this hour, but the Nalan Clan's private hospital was buzzing with activity. Rosy's ward was crowded with doctors and nurses.

Lenny was sitting on a chair next to Rosy's bed, his face livid. It made his heart ache to see his daughter unconscious.

Rosy's lips were as pale as a ghost. She was in really bad shape.

"What the hell is going on? I thought she just had pneumonia. Why did she suddenly black out?" Lenny thundered.

"Lady Rosy has three insect bites on her neck. We gave her an anti-itch cream, but it didn't work and the bites are festering. We're guessing she was bitten by some mutated rove beetles," Rosy's attending doctor answered in a respectful manner.

He lowered his head to avoid eye contact with Lenny.

He had originally thought that the insect bites would heal within two weeks after using the cream. He hadn't expected the bites to worsen like this. In most cases, the cream would effectively relieve the itching. However, in Rosy's case, the insect bites began itching even more after the cream was applied.

It was literally a pain in the neck for Rosy. She had suffered a lot in the past week. She had a sharp pain in the chest because of her pneumonia and her itching neck was killing her as well. She felt as if she were in living hell.

Earlier this morning, a servant had been leading her by the arm to the washroom. But after taking just a few steps, she'd passed out.

The servant had been frightened to death and immediately informed Lenny about it.

"So, are you telling me you're not able to treat insect bites? How did you even get your graduation certificates?" Lenny was fuming with rage. Just the fact that Rosy had fallen into the water had already pissed him off.

Now, she'd even passed out because of some stupid insect bites! Were these doctors good for nothing? The doctors in the Nalan Clan's private hospital had all graduated from prestigious international universities and had worked in major hospitals in SH City before.

How was it possible that they couldn't treat simple insect bites?

The doctors' faces soured at Lenny's words. But they were receiving a much higher salary here than they had in governmental hospitals, so they

much better once the dosage of the antidote and the anti-itch cream was increased.

But this possibility had never even crossed the doctors' minds in the beginning.

Who would even think that Rosy had been bitten by dozens of rove beetles?

It was a near impossibility unless someone had sabotaged Rosy on purpose.

The doctors left the ward one after another, leaving Rosy alone. Feeling much better now, Rosy finally drifted off to sleep.

When she woke up again, it was ten in the morning.

She picked up her phone and saw a text message from Patricia.

She'd received the message at around eight in the morning when she'd still been asleep.

"Rosy, are you free today? Many of the shops in Seaport Mall are going to launch their new clothes. Do you want to go shopping together?"

Rosy quickly typed a reply. "I'm in the hospital now. I'm not feeling well. Just go shopping yourself."

Ever since sending the message to Rosy, Patricia had been feeling uneasy. She hadn't been sure whether Rosy would reply to her message or not. She had been waiting nervously for two hours when Rosy's message popped up on her phone.

After reading Rosy's reply, Patricia thought that it was time for her to show Rosy her loyalty. Since Rosy was in the hospital now, Patricia thought that she should visit her.

She immediately sent a reply to Rosy. "You're in the hospital now? Are you sick? I'm really sorry to hear that. How about I pay you a visit now? You must feel bored in the hospital alone."

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