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   Chapter 796 The Bites Worsened

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"My Lady, you were bitten by a kind of insect. The bites will heal within two weeks. They might itch during this period, but please don't scratch them. They won't hurt if you don't scratch them," said the doctor.

"What insect was I bitten by?" Rosy asked impatiently.

"According to the results of the test, you must have been bitten by rove beetles."

Rove beetles were also called shadow beetles.

They had a strong acid venom in their bodies. If you killed a rove beetle while it was on your skin, its venom would eat off your skin and cause inflammation.

Normally, rove beetles wouldn't bite people. But when they did, their bites would be itchy, and they would hurt if you scratched them.

Rove beetles weren't uncommon insects and were usually found in summers.

'Lady Rosy must have bad luck! It's winter and rove beetles are rare in winters, ' the doctor mused.

"What?! Rove beetles? Are they poisonous? Is my health at risk?" Rosy yelled. The thing she feared the most in the world was insects. She was so scared of them that she felt goosebumps all over just thinking about rove beetles biting her.

Her face suddenly tightened as though she had been being strangled by invisible hands.

The doctor put on a fake smile and reassured her, "Don't worry, My Lady. It's just a normal skin inflammation. Apply the anti-itch cream to the affected areas and take a good rest. They will heal within two weeks."

If Rosy wasn't from the Nalan Clan, the doctor wouldn't be so patient with her. 'Come on! She was just bitten by some beetles. It's such a small thing. Why is she acting like she's going to die? She's really too delicate!' he mocked in his mind.

But he didn't dare to say those words out loud. After all, he worked for the Nalan Clan's private hospital. He wasn't willing to risk his highly-paid job to offend Rosy, the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan.


A week later, however, the bites on Rosy's neck still hadn't healed. In fact, they'd gotten worse after she used the cream.

It seemed that the doctors in the Nalan Clan's private hospital weren't able to treat insect bites.

Nelson, who had eyes and ears in the Nalan Clan's private hospital, soon got word of Rosy's situation.

He guessed that som

e was trembling.

Nelson, who didn't know the story between Becker and Anna, thought that Anna was acting rather strange, so he asked with concern in his voice, "Anna, are you okay? You seem upset."

Anna shook her head. "I'm okay. It was just an silly question."

"Anna, don't worry. Becker told me that he wanted to come back to SH City to develop the domestic market, but his parents only allowed him to do that if he agreed to get engaged to Rosy. Now that he's already here, he definitely won't get engaged to Rosy," Linda reassured Anna.

Pouting her lips, Anna murmured, "He can get engaged with anyone he likes. It has nothing to do with me. I will never marry a playboy like him." However, her expression betrayed her.

"Anna, how about we make a bet? If you get married to Becker one day, you'll have to do anything I ask for, okay?" Bun teased.

"You naughty woman! How dare you make fun of me!" Anna yelled, standing up from her chair. She went over to Bun and started tickling her.

Unable to tolerate the tickling torture, Bun laughed and frantically waved her arms to stop Anna.

From hearing this conversation, Nelson instantly realized that there must be something going on between Anna and Becker.

Although he was curious, he decided to keep his mouth shut. After all, he was a man, so Anna might feel embarrassed if he asked her about her relationship with Becker. Instead, he just sat there, watching Anna and Bun making fun of each other and bursting into laughter.

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