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   Chapter 795 My Neck Is So Itchy

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Lenny's mind was blank as worry flooded every inch of him. His dearest daughter, Rosy, fell into the water earlier and passed out. It had been a while since he came here but she was still being rescued in the emergency room up until now.

The anxiety he felt consumed him so much that he didn't even consider about what really happened. His full attention was just in Rosy.

It took more or less half an hour before his daughter was taken out of the emergency room and transferred to a private ward. Lenny immediately followed the doctor and asked, "Excuse me. How's my daughter now?"

The doctor sighed and answered, "Lady Rosy has been rescued just in time. She is out of danger now. We will have to treat her pneumonia as soon as she wakes up. It will take her a long time to recover."

Rosy was unconscious when she was sent to the hospital. Her skin looked bluish-purple and her mouth was full of hemorrhagic blisters. It was lucky that she didn't stay under the water for a long time and her heart could still beat faintly.

Any second missed back then could have been fatal to her.

Inside the ward, Rosy's vein was connected to a drip tube as she was put on a hypertonic saline drip now.

Lenny stayed beside the bed and patiently waited for his daughter to wake up.

After another half an hour, Rosy's eyes finally fluttered groggily.

Her mind was hazy and she couldn't even figure out where she was at the moment. Then her gaze landed on her father's worried face. She instantly burst into tears.

"Father, I thought that I couldn't see you anymore."

Seeing his daughter cry so sadly, Lenny felt even more sorry and upset. He hugged Rosy and asked, "What happened, my dearest girl?"

"Father, it is Anna! She hurt me! Anna wanted to kill me! She pushed me into the water. You must help me punish her." Rosy's tears were endlessly streaming down her face.

Thus, her tears were wetting her father's shoulder as they seeped down his shirt.

"Okay, okay." Lenny nodded while patting his daughter's hair gently. "Don't be so angry or talk too much now. You should take a good rest. The doctor told me that your lungs got injured after you fell into the water. You should have a good rest so you can recover fast."

Upon hearing that cue, the two servants who were silently standing nearby carefully supported Rosy and lay her down to bed.

However, Rosy still kept sobbing as she said, "Father, Linda has gone too far this time. She even asked her servant to seduce and steal my fiance."

"I'm aware of it. Don't worry, okay? The Wang Clan is also a large clan. I had Anna's background investigated recently. She is just a

ous upon seeing the sleeping servant. Thus, she picked up a cup from the table and threw it towards the servant's head.

The sound of a cup hitting something hard resonated the place.

It was a bull's eye! The servant instantly woke up startled. With her eyes beginning to water due to her painful head, the servant asked, "What's wrong, Lady Rosy?"

"We didn't hire you to sleep, right?" Rosy asked with rage.

"No. I saw you sleep just now, so I had a nap here." The servant felt very aggrieved.

"How dare you talk back to me? Go and ask the doctor to come here!"

The servant didn't dare retort anymore and immediately ran out of the ward.

Her forehead which was hit by the cup was red and swollen. Luckily, the cup wasn't made of glass but lightweight plastic. Otherwise, her head could have been injured and bleed violently.

"Doctor, Lady Rosy seems to feel uncomfortable again. Please go and check what is wrong with her."

The attending doctor of the Nalan Clan's private hospital was writing the medical report at the moment. He had been thinking really hard and finally came up with an idea when the servant suddenly interrupted him and screamed at him anxiously. It was a very bad timing! Thus, he remorsefully banged the pen he was holding against the desk and said, "What's wrong again this time?"

The doctor shook his head impatiently. He couldn't believe how annoying Rosy could get. She was alarming him with the smallest and most nonsense reasons he could think of.

Nonetheless, he still rushed to his patient's private ward. Although he felt annoyed, he asked with great respect, "Lady Rosy, what's the matter with you?"

"Help me check my neck. The itch is killing me. I don't know why it hurt so much whenever I scratch it."

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