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   Chapter 794 Anna Was Slapped By Rosy

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"Anna, stop hiding from me. Please." Becker's sadness was visible in his eyes as he spoke. It was his fault. He indeed forgot how it was to be a gentleman. He shouldn't have broken into her room without even knocking first.

"I'm not hiding, okay? What are you talking about?" Anna answered confusedly.

"But why is your phone switched off?"

Although Anna slapped him across the face just now, Becker didn't feel annoyed or intend to blame her for that.

Rather, he felt sincerely sorry for Anna. Thus, he took her hand and massaged it as gently as possible. He didn't even think of himself since he was more worried that Anna might have hurt her hand after hitting him.

Anna got indignant and morose upon hearing the word 'phone'. It reminded her of what exactly happened just earlier today.

She didn't mean to power off her phone. It was Rosy who made her lose her phone which she bought just two months ago. Anna was very dejected by that.

"You know what? Why don't you ask your fiancee about why my phone was powered off?" Anna evaded Becker's warm stare and sharply pulled her hand from him.

"Do I have a fiancee? Well. I didn't know that. Anna, if I really have a fiancee, then it must be you, right?"

"Shut up! It's impossible for me to be your fiancee. Your fiancee is Rosy Nalan. Have you forgotten that? Lenny came over here earlier to announce that you and Rosy's engagement dinner will be happening the day after tomorrow. He also invited Lady Linda to the dinner,"

remarked Anna in a hateful tone. She rolled her eyes at Becker as if he did something really wrong. Her reaction made Becker pause for a moment. He wasn't sure if he was reading Anna's actions right but she seemed to be jealous. She was acting like a spoiled little girl complaining about everything.

"Are you jealous of Rosy?" He finally stated what was in his mind as a bright smile cracked his lips.

"Me? Jealous? Oh, my God! Are you still dreaming, Becker?"

"No. I'm wide awake. But base on how you are acting, it's easy to tell that you are jealous of Rosy."

Becker took Anna's delicate hands again and tried to catch her gaze. He badly wanted to see the truth in her eyes. However, something else caught his attention when his gaze landed on her right cheek. Her skin was swollen and red. "Why is your face so red?"

Anna could still feel her face stinging

because of Rosy's slap.

It had been a few hours since Rosy hit her but her cheek still looked like a beetroot.

"Your fiancee slapped me," answered Anna before she sneezed.

She didn't notice how Becker's jaw immediately clenched in rage right a

she was so hungry. She wasn't really the type who got hungry easily even with her diet. However, she just couldn't stop her stomach from rumbling today.

"Come here. Let's get something to eat. You've agreed to have dinner with me earlier today, remember?"

Anna felt better and refreshed after drinking the ginger tea and taking a nap. Thus she got up.

She was still wearing her pajamas and she had to get changed before she went out for dinner. "Change your clothes right now," Becker uttered without even moving from his seat.

Thus, Anna got angry and retorted, "How can I change my clothes? You're still here in my room!"

"I will not peep at you." Becker playfully covered his eyes with his hand but then secretly peeped at her through a slit between his fingers. That made Anna both amused and stunned. She couldn't believe that Becker could be this childish.

She got out of bed, wore her slippers, and then quickly pushed Becker out of her room.

After she got changed, she came out of her room to meet Becker, who was patiently waiting for her at the door.

A few minutes later, they left the Nalan Clan's house together.

Anna happily went with Becker for a meal, while Rosy still stayed in the hospital in a coma unluckily.

After Lenny walked out of Linda's Garden, a servant came up to him and reported that Rosy fell into the water and fainted. The servant also said that she had been taken to the hospital. Lenny freaked out upon hearing the news and immediately made his way to the hospital.

The red light outside the emergency room had been turned on for hours and Lenny had been pacing back and forth before the emergency room's door the whole while.

He wondered why Rosy fell into the water all of a sudden.

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