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   Chapter 792 Fight Under The River

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9244

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Anna had a very good reason for choosing to roll off the bridge with Rosy: she knew that Rosy wasn't able to swim, but she herself was very good at swimming.

She wanted to teach Rosy a good lesson because Rosy had really gone overboard and pissed her off today.

She wanted to let Rosy know the consequences of irritating her, and that she wasn't a lamb who could be bullied easily.

Right before they fell off the bridge, as soon as Rosy realized what Anna was going to do, her face turned deathly pale. She was overwhelmed by fear because she couldn't swim and she had a fear of heights.

Rosy felt her heart jump to her throat as she fell.

She yelled in a shaking voice, "Anna Xu, what are you doing?! Are you trying to murder me?" She shot a quick glance to the two servants from the corner of her eyes and shouted, "Help! Help me..." The rest of her words were drowned by the sound of her hitting the water.

Anna and Rosy had both fallen into the river.

Since they had fallen a distance of more than two meters, Rosy felt like she was hitting the concrete ground when she hit the surface of the water.

To make matters worse, Anna had been clever enough to stay on top of her while they were falling down, so Rosy was the one who had absorbed all the impact.

She felt a sharp pain shoot through her whole body. Her waist hurt. On the other hand, Anna wasn't injured at all.

While studying abroad, Anna had gone for swimming classes.

She'd been well aware of the importance of knowing how to swim. It wasn't just a sport to keep fit and healthy; it was also a basic survival skill.

Now, that survival skill was coming in handy.

"Lady Rosy, are you okay?" the two servants shouted anxiously as they looked down at the river.

Rosy was struggling to keep her head above the water. After spitting out a mouthful of water, she opened her mouth to ask the servants for help. But before Rosy could say anything, Anna deliberately pressed her head down into the water again while pretending to struggle to stay afloat.

"Help! I can't swim! What should I do? Oh! Rosy Nalan, why did you drag me into the river? If I drown to death, I'll come back as a ghost and haunt you!" Anna exclaimed, looking flustered.

Rosy felt the cold water close around her throat. In her attempts to struggle for air, she had swallowed a few mouthfuls of dirty water. It tasted harsh and awful.

While she was underwater, she continued to struggle against Anna, but every time she managed to lift her head above the water for fresh air, Anna immediately pushed her down again, forcing her to swallow more water. Rosy's stomach was filled with river water now.

"Anna... you..." Rosy tried to speak, but her words kept being cut off while she was pushed

in the living room.

Linda ordered all the servants to leave the living room. After locking the door, she asked anxiously, "Anna, how did you fall into the river?"

"I didn't fall into the river by accident. I pulled Rosy with me on purpose."

Since Linda and Nelson were the only ones left in the room, Anna talked openly about the incident.

Linda couldn't help but chuckle. "But why did you do that all of a sudden? What happened between you and Rosy?"

Anna began to recount what had happened on the bridge and how Rosy had slapped her on the face. Linda's face became darker and darker with every word Anna said. 'Rosy Nalan, you've become bold enough to even lay a finger on Anna!'

She couldn't imagine what terrible things would have happened to Anna if she had been secretly taken to the basement in Rosy's Garden. She knew that Rosy was a lawless person who would dare to do anything to hurt other people despite living in this modern society ruled by law.

"Anna, I'm sorry for not being with you. You've suffered a great injustice," Linda said and helped Anna wipe her hair with a towel.

"Don't say that, My Lady. She gave me one slap, but I already gave her two in return when we were in the river. I forced her to swallow a lot of water, too. I've taken my revenge."

Anna beamed proudly.

She felt much more comfortable now sitting in the warm living room.

"Then where's Rosy now?" Linda asked, turning to Nelson.

Since Nelson was the one who had escorted Anna back here, Linda was sure that he must know about the situation.

"Rosy should be in the hospital now. By the time I arrived at the spot, she had already fallen unconscious," Nelson replied, smiling broadly too.

As Linda was about to say something, a servant knocked on the door and reported, "My Lady, Lord Lenny is here to see you."

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