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   Chapter 791 Fall Off The Bridge

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10113

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Becker was stumped by what he heard from his phone's receiver. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry over Anna's question. The only thing he was sure was that he missed her every second he was away from her. She had taken his heart and he couldn't control himself from calling her even though it had only been hours since they had been away.

"Anna, let's have dinner tonight. I've reserved a table at a French restaurant. The food there is unique and really delicious. I'll come to pick you up later. You must wait for me," he said in a tender voice.

'Must? What the--' Anna wanted to refuse his invitation. She felt that it was not appropriate to go out with Becker for a meal again. However, she found it hard to resist the temptation of delicious food.

Furthermore, Becker wasn't even asking for her opinion. His voice was commanding and she was pretty sure that she heard the word 'must' like it was an obligation for her to agree. Based on his behaviors in the past few days, Anna knew that it would be useless to refuse him. He had many ways to force her to have dinner with him. Thus, she was left with no choice. Anna took a deep long breath and said, "Okay, I know--"

Out of the blue, a sharp pain on the back of her hand stopped her from finishing her words.

She failed to hold her phone tightly and it slipped from her hand, dropping into the river next to her.

In fact, Anna was walking on a bridge over a man-made river when she received Becker's call. This river ran through the huge garden of the Nalan Clan's residence and joined the big river of SH City. The sceneries on both sides of the river were beautiful.

Sadly though, the man-made river was at least two meters deep.

That was why her phone sank to the bottom and disappeared instantly as soon as it touched the water. Anna was left speechless. She couldn't do anything but just stand still and watch the gleaming ripples cutting the surface of the river.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it."

A fake apologetic voice came from behind her, so Anna turned around. She saw Rosy with her arms crossed over her chest while smiling scornfully at her. There were two servants standing behind Rosy too and the expressions on their faces were just as vicious as Rosy's.

Needless to say, it was Rosy who had slapped Anna's hand just now, causing her to drop the phone into the river.

"You didn't mean to do it? Hmph! Do you really think that I'm going to believe you? Rosy Nalan, you need to choose. You either be a bitch or a noble girl! Don't try to disguise yourself, okay?" Anna snapped furiously. Her tone was sharp and sarcastic. She was so pissed that she wasn't even showing any respect to Rosy regardless of the servants behind her.

As Anna had expected, Rosy's face completely darkened because of what she said. Feeling humiliated, Rosy confronted, "Who did you just call bitch?!"

Anna smirked. "Is there any other Rosy Nalan here? Isn't it obvious that I'm talking about you? Moreover, I mean what I said!"


he lowered her head and opened her mouth to bite the servant who was locking her left arm. The servant got hurt so badly that she quickly loosened her grip on Anna.

As Anna was wearing high-heel shoes today, she lifted up her right leg and kicked the other servant's shin with full force.

The two servants hadn't expected Anna's sudden attack, so they both were shaken off by Anna.

"Do you want to escape? Where are you running away? Do you think that Linda can save you?" Rosy yelled. She waved at the two servants, who were now staring at Anna with vicious looks in their eyes.

Anna sneered, "Run away? No, no. I'm not a coward. I'm going to die together with you!"

Before Rosy could understand what Anna meant, Anna had already taken off her high-heel shoes and dived at her.

They both fell down on the bridge and began to wrestle and bite each other.

Anna violently grabbed and yanked Rosy's hair, making her scream in pain. Rosy clenched her teeth and wrapped one of her arms around Anna's neck in an attempt to pull her enemy's hair too. However, Anna's hair was short, so her attack was futile.

Rosy could feel her scalp about to tear. She was at a disadvantage since her hair was too long.

Worry was suddenly washing over the two servants as they watched the two from one side of the bridge. They were hesitating whether to help Rosy or not. They didn't dare to approach the two tussling women because they were afraid of hurting Lady Rosy under such a chaotic situation. They wouldn't be praised if they peeled Anna off of Rosy, but they would definitely be punished if they hurt Rosy by accident.

Anna and Rosy were wrestling in the middle of the bridge.

There were railings on both sides of the bridge but the gap between the railings was very big.

Anna noticed the gap between the railings and made up her mind. She gritted her teeth, held Rosy's body tightly, and used all her force to roll both of them on the bridge together. In the end, they both fell off the bridge.

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