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   Chapter 789 Feeding The Fish

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"It seems that our stubborn girl has finally opened her heart for a man!" Bun teased, grinning mischievously at Anna.

"What nonsense are you talking about? I told you that I will never need a boyfriend," Anna snapped, sounding annoyed. But her face turned a deep shade of red.

"Don't be so sure, Anna. People always change according to the situation. If Becker really loves you, you should just give him a chance and let him pursue you,"

Linda chipped in.

She understood why Anna didn't trust men. Anna had seen many unlucky girls who had come to the hospital to get an abortion. Most of those girls had been with irresponsible men. More importantly, the story of Anna's parents had also left a scar in her heart. That was why Anna had no interest in romantic relationship. She was hesitant to accept any man's love.

But Linda knew that love was the most precious and beautiful thing in the world. It was especially important for girls to experience ups and downs in a romantic relationship; to taste the sourness, sweetness, and bitterness of love. It was Linda's wish to see all her friends enjoy a sweet love. Anna was one of her best friends, so of course, she hoped that Anna could open her heart to Becker and give him a chance.

"My Lady, please stop trying to convince me. I know what's good for me," said Anna as she lowered her head.

Since it was Anna's private affair, Linda didn't want to pry into it anymore. She stopped talking about it at once.

There was a moment of silence in the car.

On the surface, Anna looked calm and collected, but deep down in her heart, she was having mixed feelings. Her heart raced as conflicting thoughts battled in her mind.

The words "boyfriend" and "husband" had always meant little to Anna. She could lead quite a happy life on her own. However, ever since Becker had shown up, there had been a great change in her life and her emotions. Although she kept being cold to Becker, she actually felt great every time she had a meal with him.

He had changed her daily routine. Nowadays, whenever it was time for lunch or dinner, a tinge of expectation would float in her mind. She couldn't help but expect to see Becker suddenly show up in her office and take her out to eat something. She was always eager to find out what kind of place Becker would take her to next.

However, this sudden change in her life frightened her. It seemed that the concept of love she had built up was on the verge of collapsing, so she was even more determined not to admit her subtle feelings for Becker to herself or anyone else. She didn't want to get too close to him.

Besides, they had only known each other for a week. She knew Becker was a playboy who had dated many girls in the past. It was possible that Becker was chasing

ng," said Nelson. He had just returned from the Nalan Clan's company, and he had other matters to take care of in the Nalan Clan's residence now.

After Nelson left, Linda suddenly remembered the koi fish in the Plum Garden.

Lord Nalan had raised a lot of beautiful koi fish in the large pond of the Plum Garden. It was also the pond which he had fallen into.

Whenever Linda recalled that fateful scene, she felt her heart ache. She remembered how the back of her grandfather's head had been covered in blood. The serious injuries to his head had rendered him unconscious for the past few months.

"I want to go to the Plum Garden to feed the koi fish. Do the two of you want to come with me?" Linda turned to Anna and Bun.

They both nodded in agreement.

Then, they left the Linda's Garden and headed toward the Plum Garden. Linda was familiar with the path to the Plum Garden because she had been there many times. She used to play chess with her grandfather there.

Lord Nalan used to feed the fish himself. He never allowed the servants to casually feed them, because koi fish couldn't eat too much food. Koi fish wouldn't necessarily die even if they weren't fed for a few months. They would eat the plankton in the water or consume the energy that they had stored in their bodies.

After Lord Nalan had fallen into a coma, no one had taken care of the Plum Garden or fed the fish. The servants were afraid that they would feed the fish too much food and end up accidentally killing them.

Linda asked a servant to bring her some fish food. She sat on the chair near the pond and threw some food into the water, causing ripples to form on the surface of the water. A group of koi fish swam in Linda's direction and gathered around to scramble for the food. The pond looked beautiful and lively with the splashing of the colorful fish.

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