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   Chapter 788 Is Becker Wang Pursuing You

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9782

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Surprise flooded Linda upon seeing Becker Wang inside the Mu Clan's private hospital.

More so, she found him obviously pestering Anna.

Anna's eyes lit up when she saw Linda approaching. Alas! Her rescuer had come.

"My Lady, help! This man has been pestering me all these days. What should I do?" yelled Anna as she ran toward Linda. Then she quickly stepped behind Linda and hid.

What happened silently amused Becker, who was left standing alone beside his car.

It seemed like he couldn't act the same as when he was alone with Anna now since someone just came. He badly had to control himself from flirting with her temporarily.

With a polite smile, he slowly walked up to Linda and greeted, "Hello, Lady Linda."

"Oh, if it isn't Master Becker? Why are you here in our private hospital?" Linda asked as she returned a polite smile.

Although Becker's attitude seemed to be nicer to her this time, Linda didn't forget their first unhappy meeting. However, since he was Adrian's uncle, she still chose to be polite to him.

Plus, the reason why Becker held grudges against her was already clear to her. It was because of what happened to Lord Nalan.

Lord Nalan saved Becker's life when he was a kid.

And then he had heard the rumors spread by Lenny and Rosy even before he came back to SH City.

Rosy had framed her up after committing the crime. Becker didn't know Linda well so it was unavoidable for him to believe such rumors. That was how the misunderstanding between Becker and Linda came.

In other words, Becker and Linda should be on the same side. With that thought in her mind, Linda didn't want to push him away by giving him a cold shoulder. She'd better make him their friend.

Their misunderstanding would be cleared up sooner or later anyway. The rumors might be ridiculous nowadays but as soon as Lord Nalan woke up, everything would be as clear as a sunny day.

"I've come here to visit Lord Nalan," said Becker.

Linda shifted her gaze from Becker to Anna and then back to Becker.

That same time, Anna stuck her head out from behind Linda, pursed her lips, and snapped, "You liar! Visit Lord Nalan? You've come to pester me every day this whole week! Your excuse is horrible! I told you many times that Lord Nalan is safe and still recovering. Since he hasn't woken up yet, it was pointless for you to come and visit him every day."

"Dear Anna, please don't embarrass me. There's someone else here," pleaded Becker, not knowing whether to get angry or laugh.

The woman he had a crush on wasn't showing him any bit of respect at all. Nevertheless, he couldn't stop himself from loving her more and more. He just simply loved every side of Anna.

On the other hand, Linda was taken aback when she heard how Becker addressed Anna. Gracious! He was talking to Anna in a very close and familiar way.

Despite the confusion that was attacking Linda, she didn't want t

cker. Women always enjoyed the process of being pursued by a man.

Linda believed that Anna was the same.

She might be enjoying the heartbeat of being pursued by Becker. It was just a very pure and normal feeling before they could confirm a relationship.

Nevertheless, Linda knew that Anna was scared to accept Becker. She wasn't confident about his love.

"Did he come to see you every day lately? How did you guys know each other?" Linda couldn't hold back her curiosity anymore and bombarded the doctor with questions.

"Yes, he came every day! He got no important reason for coming. He just usually checked on Lord Nalan and then asked me to have lunch or dinner with him. He never accepted 'no' for answer. Oh! He bores me to death! You know that I'm on a diet to keep fit. I barely eat at night because of it. However, that jerk had forced me to eat from one Western restaurant to another every night! My God! I must be putting on weight now!" Anna complained, sulking.

She decided to weigh herself at the end of this month. If she had really put on some weight, she would surely teach Becker a good lesson.

Anna had good self-control for food. But the food in those restaurants where Becker had taken her was really delicious. Thus, she could hardly stop herself from eating them.

Her mouth couldn't help but water each time the dishes were placed on the table. In the end, she would succumb and savor the food while Becker playfully watched her. She couldn't stop eating until her stomach was full and round.

Anna became very gloomy upon remembering the foods she had with Becker. Why couldn't she resist the temptation of delicious food? She didn't want to become a fatty!

Then, Anna briefly told Linda about how she had met Becker at the airport.

After hearing the story between Anna and Becker, Linda couldn't help but exclaim in her mind, 'Amazing! This must be a miracle! Becker fell for Anna at first sight!'

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