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   Chapter 786 Deal With The Zhuo Clan

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Despite her short temper, Holly had always been a patient mother to her son.

"You tell me what else we can do. Listen, we can do nothing but give Linda the money she wants, for now. She has gotten the goods on me. Thus, we have to be patient for now,"

explained Holly as she tenderly held Ronald's hand.

Ronald pouted his mouth but said no more. He could feel his frustration choking him like something he couldn't swallow

nor spit out.

He hated Linda very much, yet he could do nothing about it.

Worse, he had been beaten up by Bun.

That monster even hung him in the air and threatened to throw him off the bridge. He swore that he couldn't forget this day for as long as he lived.

Meanwhile, Linda, Bun, Nelson, and Lily Jiang began to play mahjong after dinner. The four of them hadn't played mahjong together for a long time now. Linda was the lucky dog this evening and had won a lot of money. Thus, she forgot about the unpleasant incident earlier and had been smiling broadly.

Her forehead was still swollen since she bumped against the windshield.

She didn't think it was necessary to call Anna over though and just asked Bun to treat it.

It was already around nine in the evening when a servant came over to Linda and said respectfully, "My Lady, there are two people at the entrance claiming to be from the Zhuo Clan. They want to see you."

"Two people? You mean two men or two women?" Linda asked casually.

"A man and a woman," answered the servant.

Linda nodded and asked the servant to bring them in. She guessed that they must be Ronald and Holly who came here to give her the money.

As expected, Ronald and Holly followed after the servant in.

The moment Holly saw Linda, she put on a big smile and apologized sincerely, "My Lady, I'm so sorry for what happened earlier. I'm guilty of spoiling my son. I've already lectured him before we came here so please don't take it personally."

Linda smiled sarcastically and said, "Don't worry. I was lucky to have survived the accident unhurt."

As a reaction to that sarcasm, Holly sneered silently while still smiling apologetically. 'Then why did you ask us to give you ten million dollars as compensation if you are unhurt? You are indeed a greedy bitch!' she thought.

Despite this, Holly didn't dare to say anything bad to Linda's face. Her main goal tonight was just to bring the money. Nothing more and nothing less.

She couldn't afford to irritate the Lady of the Mu Clan.

"There's ten million in this card and I've written the password on the back. Please forgive my son. He didn't really mean this to happe


Charles had already known that Linda was learning driving. He wondered whether she was injured in a car accident. Thus, he turned to Bun and asked, "Bun, what happened?"

"Young Master, this evening, Lady Linda was practicing driving on a bridge when we meet Ronald Zhuo. Lady Linda was about to change lanes but the bastard put on full speed and blocked our way. Lady Linda was unable to stop the car in time. Nevertheless, we crashed into the fences. That's why Lady Linda was hurt,"

explained Bun about what happened earlier. Hearing those made Charles' face turn sour immediately. He was clenching his fists and his eyes were sharp when he gazed at the man beside him.

"Paul, I want the Zhuo Clan to disappear in SH City within three days!" he ordered in a cold voice.

Before Paul could say yes, Linda chimed in with a reassuring smile, "Honey, would you please stay away from it? Trust me. I can handle it myself."

She knew her husband love her very much and he would do anything for her, but she still preferred to take revenge by herself.

Paul was at a loss for words. He didn't know whether he should listen to Charles or Linda.

"Honey, don't you trust me? Do you think I can't deal with the Zhuo clan?" That was when Linda held his hands and looked at him with her innocent eyes.

Without saying a word, Charles reached out his hand to touch her forehead.

He wanted to feel her but then withdrew his hand upon realizing that he might hurt her.

"Paul, Bun, if Linda asks you to do something, you must listen to her and do as you are told. Most importantly, you must protect her and make sure she's safe and sound," Charles told the two and sighed in defeat.

"Yes, Young Master," replied Bun and Paul in unison.

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