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   Chapter 785 What Did You Do

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Consuela had always been curious about Bun's identity since she met her with Linda.

Bun was very respectful to Linda and addressed her as "My Lady".

Thus, Consuela thought that Bun was one of Linda's servants at first.

However, witnessing Bun's fighting skills made Consuela realize that Bun wasn't just an ordinary maid of Linda's.

"Bun, have you been trained in fighting before? I noticed your skills earlier and I'm impressed. The guy weighs at least 170 pounds and you lifted him up effortlessly. I don't even think that I can lift 55 pounds," said Consuela as she glimpsed at Bun admiringly through the rearview mirror.

"Bun is the assistant captain of the Women's Special Police Force. She is the assistant captain of the Training Department of Armed Police Officers' Academy too," Linda chimed in proudly while nodding her head.

"Oh my God!" was everything Consuela managed to say upon hearing Linda.

"Stop it, My Lady." Bun instantly blushed scarlet as she coyly smiled.

Consuela knew a little about the military rank. Thus, she asked curiously, "Is she a major?"

"More than that." Again, it was Linda who answered for Bun. "She's a colonel!"

Before Bun came to protect Linda, she had carried out many major military tasks and had been awarded first-class, second-class and third-class merits for a couple of times. No wonder that she was a colonel at such a young age.

"You're awesome, Linda! Master Mu loves you so much that he even sent a colonel to serve you!" Consuela exclaimed.

"Bun is not my servant. She's a sister to me. Moreover, she is always by my side to protect me."

Linda reached out to hold Bun's hands in hers.

Bun had been her protector for the last two years. She could have been in danger many times if it weren't for Bun. After all, she had many powerful enemies.

Consuela was pleased with what she heard and nodded. She was so glad not to back the wrong horse.

The fact that Linda treated her bodyguard as her sister rather than a servant made Consuela see her from a different perspective. Linda was the respected Lady of the Mu Clan after all. Based on this, Consuela could easily tell that Linda was indeed a kindhearted woman.

She just couldn't help but like Linda more and more as time passed by.

Linda invited Consuela to have dinner with them as soon as they reached the Mu Clan's house. The five-star chef in the Mu Clan made a scrumptious meal for them.

Charles had to work overtime that night so he didn't join dinner. However, Lily Jiang and Nelson happened to visit the Mu Clan's house that night, so they were the ones to join supper i

tless women in her life but none of them was as sly as Linda. Despite her young age, Linda was a very tough woman. Holly honestly had no idea how to handle her anymore.

"Mother, are we doing nothing? I don't want to let that bitch go! That's ten million we're talking about! If father knew about it, he would kill us both," said Ronald with annoyance written all over his face.

His father, Jimmy, had been angry at him since he found out that he was a gambler. Ronald didn't dare to piss him off again.

If Jimmy knew he was to give ten million to Linda, he would lock him in the basement for a couple of days again.

"Take it easy, son. I will make her to pay double this amount sooner or later," Holly declared sullenly through gritted teeth.

She wondered why Linda would force them to give her ten million. The last thing Linda lacked was money since she was the Lady of the Mu Clan.

Furthermore, she heard that Linda was the apple of Master Mu's eye. He would do everything to please her.

'So Linda just wants to be hard on me and my son!' she mused.

'But why? Does she want to avenge Lily Jiang?

Or does she just want to mess with us for no reason?'

Linda would definitely be amused if only she knew what was inside Holly's mind.

She didn't even bother to mess with Ronald or Holly before. She just simply didn't care. However, it was Ronald who did the wrong thing! What if she failed to stop the car back then? The three of them might have been dead by now!

Nonetheless, Holly and Ronald just didn't learn their lesson. They just put the blame on others instead of reflecting on it themselves.

"Mother, I hate to give her the money! Why do I have to do as she said? She didn't even get hurt!" Ronald complained.

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