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   Chapter 784 Guess Who Bun Really Is

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Changdu Characters: 8688

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"Yes, I'm a robber. So what?"

Linda snapped back as she took Ronald's phone from Bun.

Then, she threw it back to him and said, "You either call your mother for help or get ten million and give it to me on your own. There is no third option."

"Are you out of your freaking mind? Are you this mad about making money, huh?" Ronald mocked.

In fact, he didn't expect Linda to be such an unreasonable woman. She looked so angelic and fine like someone who wouldn't even be this rude and aggressive at all.

"Has anyone told you that you are really annoying when you curse others?" Linda asked coldly.

She hated Ronald very much because he had once bullied Lily Jiang.

She had always treated Lily Jiang as her own sister and she would by no means be nice to anyone who dared to harm her.

"So what if I'm annoying?" Ronald snorted. He then boastfully turned to where his men were and yelled, "Why are you guys just standing there? Come here and help me!"

Weird as it might sound, Ronald's men had just been standing and watching since they got out of the minibus. None of them even tried to rescue him. Thus, he felt so annoyed.

It was only after hearing Ronald that they swarmed towards him like an army of ants. They were halfway to Ronald when one of them threatened with a fierce look, "Who are you? You better let go of our boss or you'll be in real trouble."

Amusement instantly flooded Linda and made her grin when she heard that.

On the other hand, Bun, who had been quiet the whole time, finally opened her mouth even before the men got closer to Ronald. Staring at them coldly, she said, "Stay there or I'll throw him off the bridge! You won't want it to happen."

"Hahaha! Is that a joke? I'm not scared of you and your malnourished arms. Do you really think that you can lift our boss?"

said the leader of the group sarcastically while giving Bun a once-over. Disdain was written all over his face as he couldn't believe what the lady just said.

That mockery didn't even affect Bun. She cast them a cunning look instead and then without a word, bent down. She was still dangerously silent when she grabbed Ronald by his ankle

and dragged him effortlessly to the edge of the bridge.

The bridge was several meters above the water and

the river was surging madly under it.

The current was fast flowing and treacherous.

Ronald couldn't swim. Worse, he was a bit scared of water. He didn't even think that he could survive if Bun really threw him off the bridge.

Frankly, he was half amazed when Bun lifted him so easily. He never ex

women should be independent instead of depending on men.

Charles was a reliable husband to her and a good father to their children. He was the love of her life.

It was the most basic reason why she didn't want to use him as a weapon against others.

Charles would definitely come to rescue her each and every time she was in danger. However, that didn't mean that she would just take advantage of it. She had her own strength to take revenge.

Dealing with her enemies would be as easy as snapping her fingers if she would use Charles' power. But no. She wouldn't. She loved him too much to use him just like that.

"I need to see the money by midnight. Otherwise, you won't be happy to see what's going to happen next," Linda said coldly as she stared at Ronald. The big guy was still hazy as he lay on the ground.

"What lousy luck! I'm starving." It was then that Bun suddenly complained and rolled her eyes at him.

She was about to turn away but then stopped as if she remembered something. She then walked back to where Ronald was and kicked his leg hard. That made Ronald finally cry like a baby!

Ronald's view of Bun instantly changed from the weak pregnant woman to a murderous monster.

Consuela remained quiet until they all got in the car. She turned to the ladies as soon as the two were settled in their seats. "Bun, I didn't expect you to be this capable!"

Consuela didn't dare to let Linda drive after what happened. Rather, she asked Linda to take a rest in the backseat and just took over the stirring wheel. It wasn't really a biggie to drive them to the Mu Clan's house.

"You're right. Bun is an incredible woman! Can you guess who Bun really is?" Linda said with a teasing smile.

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