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   Chapter 783 Ten Million Dollars

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Changdu Characters: 7174

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Suddenly, Ronald felt a sharp pain in his nose. He felt a warm current rushing through his nostrils and realized that he was bleeding from his nose.

He dabbed at the liquid and saw that his palm was covered with blood.

The amount of blood frightened him.

"How dare you hit me?" he yelled.

"I hit you, so what? You think I can't afford the compensation for that?" Bun smiled sweetly, as if she hadn't just kicked him in the face.

Before Ronald could reply, Bun gave him another hard kick, sending him flying backward. He hit the ground with a thud.

"I'm so sorry. I know I did wrong. Please let me go this time," Ronald pleaded.

No matter how much he hated Bun, he decided to beg for mercy because he couldn't bear the pain anymore.

"Sorry? Did you think I'd let you go if you said sorry? You're such an evil person! Do you know we almost fell off the bridge? You almost killed three people! Oh, no, four people!"

Bun's voice kept rising in anger, while Ronald grew more and more scared.

"If I let you off easily this time, you won't learn your lesson. You'll only hurt more people!" said Bun.

Ronald didn't dare to retort. He could only beg for his life repeatedly.

He was lucky that Linda hadn't been hurt in the accident. Otherwise, Bun would have hurled him off the bridge.

At this moment, Linda got out of the car.

Although she wasn't seriously injured, her head had hit the windshield heavily when the car braked suddenly. Fortunately, she had been strapped in.

Otherwise, she might have already been dead.

Linda raised her head and stared at the black sky. It was already late winter, and night fell faster.

The street lights flickered on. Despite the cold weather, the leaves quivered in the breeze.

Linda felt somewhat dejected at this moment.

"My Lady," Bun said when she saw Linda get out of the car.

Linda nodded and gave her a tiny smile. "My Lady, I didn't mean to hurt you.

Please forgive me!" After the hard kicks from Bun, Ronald was crying like a little boy. He wasn't acting like a punk anymore.

Instead, he was bawling with blood and snot runni

t us?" Ronald shouted at Bun, mustering up all his courage.

"Men? Ronald Zhuo, you still think you're a man? Just cut the crap! Give Lady Linda ten million and we'll let you go, or I'll throw you off the bridge."

Bun knew Linda wasn't going to let Ronald get away with it easily.

Although Linda hadn't been injured in the accident, she was shaken and upset because of what he'd done.

"Where am I supposed to get ten million from? You're the Lady of the Mu Clan. The last thing you lack is money. Why do you have to mess with me?"

Ronald said while struggling to his feet. He wanted to find a chance to flee from the site.

"Ronald Zhuo, you'd better not be trying to escape. Your car is still here. If you try to run away, I'll smash your car into pieces," Linda threatened.

She could tell from Ronald's expression that he was planning to escape.

She didn't care how he would get the money. She wasn't going to let him off until he gave her ten million.

Consuela watched the scene unfold without saying a word. Ten million might be a large sum of money to her now, but it had meant nothing to her in the past.

"I don't have ten million."

"Then I'll ask your mother for the money. What do you think?" Linda asked with a smile.

"Why are you being so unreasonable? What did I do to you? Yeah, I didn't get out of the way, but how can you ask for ten million?! Are you a robber?" Ronald yelled.

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