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   Chapter 781 A Car Accident

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As night fell and rush hour came, it became harder for a newbie to drive on the road, so Consuela Lin turned to Linda and said, "Linda, it's enough for today's lesson. You've been driving the whole afternoon and I'm sure you're tired now."

Sitting in the passenger seat, Consuela smiled at Linda, feeling satisfied with this student.

"Yeah, a little. Let's go back now then. Miss Lin, please have dinner with us," Linda said, her eyes fixed on the road.

Consuela paused for a second. Before she could refuse Linda's offer, Linda continued with a smile, "You've already refused to charge me extra fees, so you should at least allow me to treat you a meal. Okay?"

"Miss Lin, I agree with Linda. Please come with us. The chefs in the Mu Clan's villa are really good. The food cooked by them is very delicious,"

Bun chipped in.

She had felt much better after sitting quietly in the car for a few hours. She had insisted on coming out with Linda even though she'd been having morning sickness, because she was worried about Linda's safety.

This was Linda's first time driving a car. Bun had heard that most women would come across some sort of problem when they drove a car for the first time. Women would be more nervous and frightened than men at the beginning. They needed more time to take in the basics of driving.

Even Bun had been a little nervous the first time she'd driven a car. Her hands had been trembling. But of course, as a strong army woman, she'd been able to pick up driving much faster than other women.

"Okay, I'll come. Thank you!"

Consuela accepted the invitation right away. She was a straightforward woman. Since Linda had put it like that, she didn't want to refuse her invitation anymore.

"Now, please drive back to your house. But on the way back to the suburbs, we'll cross an elevated highway. Be careful and slow down the car. Control the steering wheel well," Consuela reminded Linda.

Normally, a driving student wasn't allowed to drive on an elevated highway, but Consuela was confident in herself as well as Linda's ability.

Moreover, the elevated highway was only a short distance. There shouldn't be any problem.

Linda nodded and started the car again. Excitement filled her heart. Her first experience of driving a car was going to become more thrilling because she was going to drive on an elevated highway too!

As Linda drove, Consuela began to give her tips again. "Yes, Linda, that's right. Relax. Don't clench the steering wheel too tightly.

Don't make a sharp turn. Don't step too hard on the gas.

See? When you come to this kind of crossing, you can slow down first before turning the steering wheel..."

Linda was smart. She kept all of Consuela's words in her mind.

It took her a very short time to master the basics of driving.

Up until now, Linda had only seen the kind and straightforward side of Consuela. She cou

vent out his anger by drag racing in his Lamborghini.

When he spotted a training car changing lanes in front of him, he decided to play a trick to scare the student.

He wasn't afraid of causing an accident.

After all, the people in the training car were just ordinary citizens. The power of the Zhuo Clan was strong enough to help him cover up such an accident.

He had even stopped his car to gleefully watch the training car hit the guardrail.

He had been expecting to see the frightened look on the student's face.

But when he was happily thinking about how the student would never dare to drive a car again, he saw a woman get out of the car and come over to knock at his car window.

Ronald knew that this woman had come to scold him, so of course, he didn't open the door.

Nor did he roll down his car window either. He was just going to ignore her.

A mischievous smile crept across his face.

"Get out of the car now! You scumbag! Are you an idiot? Don't you have the guts to open the door?"

Consuela was pissed off. Seeing no change in the situation, she kicked fiercely at the Lamborghini.

Ronald felt the car shake. 'Fuck!' he cursed inwardly. Then, he rolled down the window a little and yelled, "How dare you kick my car? Do you know how expensive it is? Are you able to afford the compensation?"

"Compensation? Bullshit! You asshole, get out of the car, now! I swear I'll beat you black and blue!" Consuela roared.

"Damn you! I don't want to waste my time with you!" Ronald rolled up the window again and got ready to drive away.

But Consuela quickly strode forward and stood in front of the Lamborghini, stopping him.

Ronald was unable to drive away now. He couldn't drive his car straight at another person.

He had only wanted to scare the student. It was okay for him to play a trick to crowd a car to the roadside, but to crash into a person was a much more troublesome affair.

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