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   Chapter 780 Practice Driving On The Road

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Linda affectionately pinched Little Tomato's nose and then left the nursery. She didn't want to keep Consuela Lin waiting for too long. After all, Consuela was her guest as well as her driving coach.

After hastily washing her hands, Linda headed to the living room and greeted Consuela with a polite smile. "Miss Lin, it's nice to meet you. I'm Linda, Eugene's friend."

"Nice to meet you too." Consuela smiled politely, then began looking Linda up and down.

Linda felt amused by her gaze. Consuela wasn't trying to hide the curiosity in her eyes. She was observing Linda in a straightforward manner.

Linda didn't feel offended at all by Consuela's curious gaze. Instead, she liked Consuela's personality.

She could see that Consuela was a forthright and honest woman.

"Go and make tea for Miss Lin," Linda instructed one of the servants.

"Please don't bother. I don't need to drink tea," Consuela said, waving the servant off. It was obvious to Linda that Consuela was a straightforward woman.

So, she didn't bother to insist on it and went straight to the point.

"I've been reviewing the exercises for Driving Test One. I think I can take the exam next week."

"Driving Test One is only a written test, so I don't care about it. As long as you're not an idiot, it will be easy for you to pass. I'm only responsible for helping you pass Driving Test Two and Driving Test Three, which need practical driving skills. After that, you can take Driving Test Four on your own. That's a written test too,"

Consuela stated bluntly.

"Okay, I get it. Eugene told me that you're actually on holiday now. I'm sorry to take up your precious time."

Shrugging, Consuela smiled and said casually, "It's all right. Anyway, this is not a free class. I'm being paid for it."

"You're right. But since it's a one-on-one lesson, I think I should pay more for it. What do you think?"

Linda knew that being a coach at a driving school was a hard job, especially for a woman.

Moreover, Consuela was supposed to be enjoying her holiday, but instead, she was working as Linda's personal coach.

And most importantly, Consuela was Eugene's aunt. Since Eugene had been a great help to Linda and performed Lord Nalan's surgery, Linda wanted to treat Eugene's family well.

Money wasn't a problem for her anymore.

To sum it all up, Linda thought it would be good to pay Consuela more money than she'd asked for.

"No, that's not necessary. We have to charge according to the market price. We're not allowed to ask for extra fees in private. If anyone reports me to the driving school, I will be fired from my job. I don't want my career to

r eyes on the road and cautiously controlled the steering wheel. As this was her first time driving a car, she was so nervous that she couldn't control it well a few times, especially when she took a turn. Luckily, Consuela was sitting next to Linda and offered her help.

It didn't surprise Consuela that Linda couldn't control the steering wheel well when taking a turn. After all, she had seen it a lot at the driving school. But among all her students, Linda could be considered as one of the smartest students. She had already done quite a good job for a first-time driver.

Linda just needed a little more practice.

After driving several rounds along the road in the suburbs, Linda became more and more skillful at driving. She could control the steering wheel much better now and didn't make the car drift or swerve sharply. Consuela nodded with satisfaction at Linda.

"Linda, we can try driving downtown now. But there will be more vehicles on the city road than the country road. Do you have the courage to drive there?" she asked.

Raising her eyebrows in confidence, Linda said, "Of course I have the courage. Why not?"

However, when Linda was stuck in a traffic jam on the downtown road, she finally regretted her words.

It wasn't comfortable at all to drive a car when the traffic was heavy.

But anyhow, Linda really wanted to get her driving license as soon as possible, so even though it was tough, she tried to bear it and be more careful.

The sun set early on a winter day. As it was getting darker and darker, the lights on the streets slowly lit up, brightening up the whole city.

It was cold outside, but the warm and colorful lights made everyone in this city feel warmer. The bustling nightlife of this prosperous city had begun.

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