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   Chapter 779 The Driving Lesson Begins

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Any husband would enjoy intimacy with his wife.

Jimmy Zhuo was like any normal man and felt the same.

Holly Wei was a clever woman and she played her cards well, so he hadn't dared to have an affair with any other woman in the past years.

A long time ago, when Jimmy had just become a rich man, he'd had a female undergraduate as his mistress.

He had been deeply in love with her.

But when Holly had found out about it, that female undergraduate had disappeared without a trace.

Ever since then, her whereabouts had been unknown. Jimmy didn't know what Holly had done to that girl, and of course, he'd never dared to ask her about it either.

Jimmy didn't want to risk irritating his wife because he owed the success of his business to the support of her family.

Moreover, Holly was great at sex. He found it hard to resist her allure even though they had been married for so many years. So although he'd felt a little sad about the disappearance of the female undergraduate at first, he'd soon forgotten about her and continued to live happily with Holly. But after that incident, he'd never had an affair again.


One afternoon, Linda received a phone call from Eugene Zhuo.

"Linda, my aunt is ready to start the driving lessons. When will you be free?" Eugene asked gently on the other end of the line.

"I'm free any time! I'm ready right now. Where is your aunt's driving school? I can go there this afternoon," answered Linda. Bun had been pregnant for two months, and it would only become more and more inconvenient for her to drive a car as time went by.

Linda was now eager to start the driving lessons as soon as possible so that she could drive around by herself.

"You don't need to go there yourself. My aunt is on a one-month holiday, so you're her only student. If you are free this afternoon, I can ask her to come straight to the Mu Clan's villa. What do you think?"

Linda felt flattered.

'I'm the only student? Isn't that a one-on-one class?' she thought, feeling moved.

"But I feel sorry to take up so much of your aunt's time. Won't it be a waste to teach me alone?"

"No, it doesn't matter. It was actually my aunt's idea. You can discuss it with her when you meet her. I'll give her your address now," said Eugene.

After confirming everything with Linda, he hung up the phone and sent Linda's address to his aunt, Consuela Lin.

Consuela Lin didn't wake up until eleven in the morning. She felt energetic after having a good and long sleep.

As a coach at a driving school, she usually got up early every morning, especia

H City? Well done, Eugene! You have a friend in the Mu Clan! If that's the case, I think it's time for me to put my plan into action, ' Consuela thought to herself. She kept her phone away and closed her eyes, recalling the past. A mysterious smile formed on her face.

Then, the security guard led Consuela to the living room of the villa.

Inside the villa, Linda was feeding Little Tomato and Little Potato in the nursery.

Linda had been staying in the Mu Clan's villa for the past two days. She had missed her kids so much that she had come back to spend a few days with them.

A servant came to her and reported, "My Lady, Miss Lin is in the living room now."

Linda merely nodded her head in response.

She passed the food to another servant and asked her to carry on feeding the babies.

She wanted to go and wash her hands before meeting Consuela.

But as soon as she stood up to leave, Little Tomato suddenly grabbed her fingers with her plump little hands.

"What happened, my sweetheart? You don't want mommy to leave?" Linda asked in a cute voice.

Of course, she knew that babies' gestures didn't really have much meaning to them.

Seeing Linda turn around, Little Tomato began mumbling the word "mommy."

The baby girl was only a few months old, so she wasn't able to speak yet.

Hearing the mumbling, Linda turned around and picked Little Tomato up. She planted a loving kiss on the baby girl's cheek and said, "My dearest baby, mommy has some work to do now, but I'll be back soon to play with you. Okay?"

Much to her amusement, Little Tomato lightly nodded her head as if she understood what her mother had said. It was such a funny scene that Linda couldn't help but burst into laughter.

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