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   Chapter 778 The Son Of His Ex-wife

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"Father, I'm telling the truth. I won't lie to you,"

said Ronald anxiously.

"Father, since Ronald insists that he didn't go to the casino to gamble last night, maybe we've misunderstood him. We should trust him,"

Patricia said to Jimmy, pretending to defend Ronald.

But Jimmy couldn't see through her and felt delighted when he heard her words. He nodded in satisfaction.

Despite the rift between Patricia and Ronald and how badly Ronald had treated her earlier, she was still willing to put in a good word for her own brother. Indeed, a daughter was much more considerate than a son. In the past twenty years, Jimmy had done as much as he could to cultivate his son but always neglected his daughter, because he'd thought that a daughter was not as valuable as a son.

No matter how much time or money he spent on a daughter, she would have to get married to a man sooner or later.

Jimmy wasn't a bad father, but the traditional concept of "son preference" was deeply rooted in his mind.

This idea wouldn't change overnight. He had learned it gradually from the last generation; his mother had had a great influence on him.

While growing up, she had hammered the concept of "son preference" into him. Even now, she always treated her grandson well while neglecting her granddaughter. That was why Jimmy had neglected Patricia as well.

On the other hand, Ronald's anger flared up after hearing what Patricia said. He knew that Patricia was just pretending to defend him. In this way, she could win their father over as well as increase their father's anger toward him.

"Zip your lips, Patricia! Don't pretend to be a good person. I won't buy it!" Ronald roared.

Jimmy slammed his hand heavily on the table and said, "If I don't teach you a lesson, you won't keep my words in mind, right? Even after all the times I warned you that you are not allowed to gamble, you still didn't listen to me." He then turned to one of the servants and ordered, "Come and lock Master Ronald in the underground warehouse now!"

"Father, no, no! Please!"

Ronald begged in a panic.

'The underground warehouse? That's not a place for a person to stay!' thought Ronald worriedly.

The underground warehouse was where all the old and broken furniture of the Zhuo Clan was stored. The room was dark and filled with a pungent smell. Ronald couldn't believe that his father would be cruel enough to lock him there.

Thinking about how much he would have to suffer, he couldn't help but glare at Patricia again. It was all her fault. 'Patricia, you bitch! What did you say to our father? You must have spoken ill of me!'

Despite their blood relationship, Ronald and Patricia had never been

e affair they'd had. Moreover, Holly wanted to let bygones be bygones. Now that she was the Lady of the Zhuo Clan, it was unnecessary to reveal the past to her children. No good would come out of it.

"Mother, has that son of a bitch come back to compete with me for the Zhuo Clan's money?" Ronald asked.

"I'm not sure. Let's wait until we know more about the situation. Anyway, you have to be on your best behavior for the time being. Don't stir up any more trouble. Your father's first wife is dead, so her son won't be able to go up against you. Don't worry. I'll help you,"

Holly reassured him.

Ronald nodded his head.

He trusted his mother's ability. She would put everything back to the way it was.

He felt much more relaxed now.

After the brief conversation with Ronald, Holly quickly left the warehouse. She was afraid that Jimmy would find out that she had secretly brought food to Ronald. After all, Jimmy wasn't just her husband, he was also the Lord of the Zhuo Clan, so she had to respect and obey his orders.

After three days of Ronald being locked in the warehouse, Holly couldn't bear to see her son suffer anymore. She decided to take the initiative to coax Jimmy and make him release Ronald. Otherwise, there was no telling how long Jimmy would carry on Ronald's punishment.

Holly knew that the most effective way to appease Jimmy's anger was to satisfy him in bed.

A man would surrender to a woman and listen to all her words if she made him happy in bed.

Although Holly was in her 40s, her body was well-maintained and her skin was smooth and fair. She was still so sexy that Jimmy couldn't resist her.

So after an exciting night, Jimmy listened to Holly's words and released Ronald from his punishment.

The next day, Jimmy was in a very good mood.

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