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   Chapter 776 A Brother Should Take Care of His Sister

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No matter what Patricia said, Ronald continued to think that she was just lying.

So before Jimmy and Holly could react, Ronald took out his phone and got ready to call Rosy.

"Don't try to come up with more excuses. I'm going to expose your lie now. You bad girl, is this what you learned at school? Your behavior is going to damage our reputation," Ronald said as he glared at Patricia.

Holly, who was sitting on the sofa, finally came back to her senses. She realized that Patricia's words were reasonable. It wasn't appropriate to call Rosy Nalan to confirm about the car.

If they did that, the Nalan Clan members would know that the Zhuo Clan didn't treat Patricia well. Moreover, would their fussing about a car actually indicate that they were not as wealthy as they claim to be?

That would be very shameful.

With that thought in her mind, Holly instantly turned to stop Ronald, but it was too late. Ronald had already dialed Rosy's number and turned on the speaker so that all of them could hear Rosy's voice.

"You brat!" Holly yelled, frowning at her son's impulsive behavior.

But instead of scolding him further, she just shook her head helplessly.

No matter how impulsively her son acted, she never fully lost her temper at him. Anyway, now that he had already dialed Rosy's number, they might as well confirm the whole thing.

Jimmy had been silent ever since Patricia mentioned the Nalan Clan.

He had grabbed his newspaper in his hands and went back to read it.

He was wearing an indifferent expression, as if the whole matter had nothing to do with him.

"Patricia, I hope you haven't lied to me," Jimmy said softly, looking at Patricia from the corner of his eyes.

The line was ringing.

"Did you hear that? If it turns out you lied to father, you'll be punished." Ronald snorted smugly.

Throughout the whole exchange, Patricia kept her head down like an innocent and pitiful rabbit.

She was good at disguising her true emotions.

In her mind, she was already laughing. She knew that Rosy would definitely help her clear up this situation, because the truth was that the Audi A8 had indeed been given to her by Rosy.

Besides, judging from what Rosy had said to her earlier, Patricia was sure that Rosy was empathetic to her condition in the Zhuo Clan. Rosy had given Patricia the Audi A8 precisely because she pitied her very much.

'Rosy will surely side with me! I'll be the winner!' Patricia thought gleefully in her mind.

She was eager to see how awkward her brother would be when he talked to Rosy. It would be like watching a clown performing an act. Anyway, his phone call to Rosy would embarrass the whole Zhuo Clan. She wouldn't be the only one to be embarrassed by it, so s

ied to explain.

"Shut up and get out now!"

Jimmy didn't let Ronald speak further. Next to him, Holly signaled Ronald with her eyes, gesturing for him to leave first.

Left with no choice, Ronald grunted and began to walk out of the living room.

The whole time, Patricia had been wearing a meek expression and pretending to be a good daughter. But when Ronald was walking past her, she discreetly tilted her head and made a face at him. A victorious smile was painted across her face.

'You're not clever enough to fight me, my dear brother. You're just a useless playboy, ' Patricia thought to herself.

After Ronald left, Holly and Jimmy immediately asked Patricia about her relationship with Rosy.

"Patricia, what's your relationship with the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan? Why did she give you a car? Are you good friends?" Holly asked.

"Yes, we're good friends. We went shopping together earlier. That's when she saw my Mini Cooper. She said that my classmates would laugh at me if I drove that car around, so she gave me her car instead."

Since Patricia was telling the truth, Jimmy and Holly couldn't find anything suspicious about her words.

"Okay, I see." Holly nodded her head. There was a short moment of awkward silence in the living room. Holly and Jimmy exchanged glances with each other, not knowing what to say. They felt embarrassed because they were the ones who had bought a Mini Cooper for Patricia.

"Fine, since Lady Rosy has given you the car, you can drive it for a while. Later, I'll buy you a new car," Jimmy said.

Although the Zhuo Clan was not as rich as the Nalan Clan, it wasn't a big deal for them to buy a luxury car that was worth more than a million.

He had bought Patricia a cheap Mini Cooper merely because he hadn't thought that a daughter would need a luxury car.

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