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   Chapter 775 Make A Call To Confirm It

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Hearing the servant's words, Patricia Zhuo furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She wondered why her parents wanted her to come to the living room at the moment.

Then, all of a sudden, she remembered the quarrel she'd had with Ronald at the gate of their house. 'Ronald must have spoken ill of me to father and mother! It must be about the matter of the Audi A8, ' she thought to herself.

Her face suddenly broke out into a confident smile. She wasn't afraid of Ronald's tricks this time.

Earlier at the gate, Ronald had said nasty words to abuse her. He'd said that she must have become the mistress of an old man. She hadn't paid any attention to him then because he said such nasty things all the time, but she'd never expected him to go overboard and spew the same nonsense in front of their parents. Anyway, the car was a gift from Rosy, so Patricia wasn't afraid of talking to her parents at all. She nodded to the servant. "Okay, I see. I'll come there soon."

After the servant left, Patricia quickly organized her thoughts and prepared herself for all possible questions from her family. Then, she took a deep breath and headed toward the living room.

As soon as she stepped into the living room, she heard Ronald's mocking voice. "Wow, you have the guts to come here? I thought you would be too ashamed to face us."

"Ronald, move aside and be quiet." Holly Wei threw a warning glance at Ronald. She was tired of seeing her children bickering with each other. She wondered why they fought with each other whenever they were in the same room.

Even though they were both her biological children, they never acted like they were a family.

"What's the matter?" asked Patricia. "Ronald said that you drove an expensive car back home today. Tell me about it,"

Jimmy said in a stern tone.

"Yes, it's true. I drove an Audi A8 back home today." Patricia smiled and nodded.

"Did you hear that? See? I wasn't lying. Patricia drove an Audi A8 back home!" Ronald said excitedly.

"How did you get the money to buy a new car?" Jimmy asked in confusion.

"I didn't buy it. Someone gave it to me," Patricia answered casually.

Her words reminded Jimmy of what Ronald had said. 'Was Ronald right? Was the car given to her by a rich man?' Jimmy wondered.

But he quickly shook his head to get rid of the thought. Patricia was his own daughter, so he didn't want to think of her as a dirty woman who would do such indecent deeds. Instead, he wondered if the person who had given her the luxurious car was her pursuer.

Since the man had been generous enough to give Patricia an Audi, Jimmy believed that the man must be deeply in love with his daughter.

His face brightened up at the

lt embarrassed when they heard their daughter's words. They realized that they hadn't treated their daughter well. Never in their life had they been willing to spend too much money on their daughter.

They had never wanted to buy a car for Patricia because they'd thought that since she would be married off sooner or later, she could get a car from her future husband.

But Patricia had badgered them time and again, pleading with them for a car. So in the end, they had no choice but to buy her a Mini Cooper.

But Jimmy had never thought that Patricia driving around in a Mini Cooper would disgrace the Zhuo Clan.

"Bullshit! Who are you lying to? Are you referring to Rosy Nalan? Why would she possibly give you a car? Don't try to fool me. We go to the same university. I know that Jessie Luo is close to Rosy. They're very good friends with each other, but they're not close to you at all. Have you even spoken a word to Rosy? What a ridiculous lie you've come up with to cover up your mistakes!"

Ronald couldn't bear to keep silent anymore.

"Why would I lie to you?"

Patricia snapped, nervously clutching the corner of her dress.

"Father, do you want me to call Miss Nalan and confirm it?" Ronald asked.

A few days ago, Ronald had gotten Rosy's phone number when they had been discussing the matter of Lily Jiang.

'Patricia, mentioning Rosy Nalan's name was a really stupid move. Did you think we wouldn't be able to confirm it with her?' Ronald thought in his mind.

He grinned proudly, thinking that he was capable enough to have gotten Rosy Nalan's phone number.

"No, don't bother Miss Nalan. Father, please don't agree with Ronald. If you call her to confirm whether she really gave me the car, what will she think of me and our family?" Patricia said, looking flustered.

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