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   Chapter 773 Give Her A Car

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Rosy couldn't believe that Becker would have any special feelings for a common woman like Anna. How could his taste in women be so bad?

But suddenly, a face popped up into her mind.


Was this another trick planned by Linda? If it was, at least things would make sense. Rosy couldn't think of any other reason to explain the link between Anna and Becker. Anna and Becker were living in two completely different worlds.

Sure that this must be Linda's doing, Rosy felt her hatred toward Linda increase.

'Linda Xia, just wait! I'll send you to the depths of hell! I won't even spare your son and your daughter. I swear I'll kill you all!' Rosy swore in her mind, gritting her teeth.

She clenched her fists so tight that her long fingernails dug into her palms.

But she was seething with so much anger that she didn't even feel the pain.

Patricia Zhuo, who was standing next to Rosy, was frightened by the cruel look in Rosy's eyes.

"Rosy... Don't think too much about it now. Let's go shopping first, okay?" Patricia said, trying to calm Rosy down.

"Go shopping? Do you think I'm in the mood to go shopping after what happened just now? You can go by yourself!" Rosy snapped in annoyance. All she wanted to do now was to hurry back home as soon as possible and tell her father what she'd seen. She had to ask her father to solve this matter. What did Becker mean by acting this way?

He'd told her father that he'd been swamped with work ever since returning to SH City and that he had to meet a lot of people every day, so how did he have the time to go shopping with a woman?

Moreover, he was taking the woman to luxury brand stores like Chanel. He had bought Anna so many expensive clothes!

Why did he do that? Was he trying to belittle the Nalan Clan?

Since it was obvious that Rosy's mood wouldn't improve until this matter was solved, Patricia didn't try to persuade her anymore.

"Okay, let's meet another time then."

"Hmm." Rosy simply nodded. She took out her phone to call her driver to come and pick her up.

At that moment, Patricia stole a glance at Rosy's phone screen.

When she understood that Rosy was calling her driver, she instantly said, "Rosy, you don't need to ask your driver to come and pick you up. It will take your driver at least twenty minutes to arrive here from your house. How about I drive you home now? I drove my car here today."

After thinking about it for a moment, Rosy nodded in agreement. Then, she followed Patricia to the underground parking garage.

When she saw that Patricia's car was a Mini Cooper, a contemptuous smile formed on her face

lan's garage, her jaw dropped in shock. She felt like she was driving into the garage of a shopping mall!

The garage was large and filled with cars; most of them were limos and luxury cars.

She saw an Aston Martin, two Bugatti Veyrons, a Ferrari, a Porsche 911, a Maybach, and an Audi A8. Her eyes were sparkling with admiration and excitement was written all over her face.

The truth was, Patricia was well aware that she deserved a more expensive car. After all, she was a rich lady too. She should be driving a car that cost at least a million dollars.

She had had to beg her parents for nearly a year before they finally agreed to buy her a car. But in the end, they'd only bought her a cheap Mini Cooper priced at about 200 thousand dollars.

Patricia wasn't satisfied with it but she had no choice. She was still a student and couldn't earn on her own yet.

Five minutes later, Rosy walked into the garage.

She handed a bunch of keys to Patricia and said, "These are the keys to my car. I can't drive a car now, so you can have it. Don't drive your Mini Cooper out anymore. Your classmates will laugh at you if they ever see you driving it."

Patricia took the keys and saw that the brand was Audi.

She had always wanted an Audi TT.

But the price was about 700 thousand dollars, so her parents hadn't agreed. However, soon after turning down her request for an Audi, they'd bought her brother a Ferrari.

That event had left a scar in Patricia's heart. Ever since then, she'd realized how unfair her parents were.

"Which one is your car?" Patricia asked.

"That one," Rosy said, turning around and pointing at a car behind her. There was a thin layer of dust covering the car because Rosy hadn't driven it in a long time.

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