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   Chapter 772 How Dare You

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7381

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Patricia didn't dare slap Anna after seeing the sharp scalpel. What if Anna really stabbed her hand with it? She would get hurt and it would leave an ugly scar.

Anna's face twisted in distaste. She wasn't in the mood to try the dress on anymore. 'Gosh! These two women ruined my day. What lousy luck!' she cursed inwardly.

Patricia walked back to Rosy with her tail between her legs.

Rosy rolled her eyes at Patricia, thinking about how she was good for nothing.

'I don't think Anna would actually dare to cut Patricia with the knife.

If she did, she would be accused of intentional assault and taken into custody for a couple of days.'

With that thought in mind, Rosy walked up to Anna and raised her hand to give her a slap across the face.

"Why aren't you taking out your knife now? You're afraid of me, aren't you?" A faint sneer hung on Rosy's lips.

'She just pointed her knife at Patricia, but she doesn't dare to point it at me. It must be because she's afraid of offending me, the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan, ' Rosy thought proudly.

"In your dreams!" Before Rosy's hand could touch her face, Anna gave Rosy a hard slap.

'She's from the Nalan Clan, so what? I'm not afraid of them at all!' Anna snorted inwardly.

Rosy was stunned by the sudden slap.

"How dare you hit me, Anna Xu? Who do you think you are?" Rosy yelled.

"If you thought I wouldn't slap you because of your identity, then you were wrong." Anna rolled her eyes.

Rosy was too angry to pretend to be soft and well-mannered. She pounced on Anna in an attempt to push her to the floor and grind her beneath her heel.

That was the only way she could vent her anger.

'Fine! I can't kill Linda because she is the Lady of the Mu Clan. But Anna is just one of Linda's dogs. I'll have her raped and killed. I don't believe Charles would avenge a nobody like her, ' Rosy thought.

While Rosy caught Anna's right arm, Patricia ran toward them and caught Anna's left arm. Together, they got control of Anna.

"What are you doing?" Anna shouted. Being a woman, she was unable to fight against two women. It had been easy enough to slap Rosy because she had caught her off guard. B

aid in a sweet voice, "Honey, I tried them on and they look great. Thank you. I love you."

Rosy was fuming with rage.

'How dare she call my fiance "honey"? She must be his mistress!' Rosy thought.

Becker was at a loss for words;

he knew that Anna was talking to him like this on purpose. He swore to himself that he would make her call him "honey" willingly one day.

"You..." Rosy pointed at Anna, her hand shaking. She was about to curse Anna when Anna interrupted her.

"Stop pointing your finger at me!" Then, she turned to Becker and said, "Honey, I'm starving. Let's go have lunch." She kissed Becker on the cheek for good measure and led him to the exit of the store.

Staring at their retreating figures, Rosy was too angry to utter a single word. 'What the fuck? I came here just to shop but I ended up running into my fiance.

And he is shopping with another woman! How could he disrespect me like this?!' she cursed inwardly.

Patricia was good at gauging people's thoughts. Upon seeing Rosy's livid face, she immediately tried to console her. "Rosy, there's no need to get worked up over this. You know, it's perfectly normal for rich men to have mistresses. But they would never marry them. You're his fiancee, and you'll become his only wife. Once you get married to him, you can do whatever you want to that bitch."

"He can have anyone but Anna Xu as his mistress. I hate her! I swear I won't let her off so easily!" Rosy yelled.

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