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   Chapter 770 An Unpleasant Encounter

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Anna told the saleslady that she was taking more than ten clothes. It was a Chanel store and the clothes at least cost a million. Becker, however, didn't seem surprised at all.

Rather, he handed a black bank card to the saleslady as if it were just nothing. Anna was familiar with the type of card Becker used. Moreover, she knew that Charles had the same type of card too.

Only billionaires could have that kind of card. Thus, Anna couldn't help but wonder who Becker really was.

"Who are you?" asked Anna suspiciously as she walked towards him.

She had initially guessed that he was just a playboy from a wealthy family. However, it seemed that his family background was not as simple as that. Even ordinary rich men couldn't just have that type of card he had.

The thought that Becker was about to spend a million for a woman he barely knew made Anna puzzled to the core.

"Does it matter to you? I'm okay with buying you whatever you like," said Becker while staring at her affectionately.

"So this is how you court girls?" Anna snapped back and rolled her eyes.

However, that gesture didn't even irritate Becker. Rather, he flashed her another amused grin and said no more.

Crazy as it seemed, Becker really hadn't paid this much attention to any girls before. In fact, he didn't even need to court anyone. There were just countless of girls who were more than willing to throw themselves on his bed!

"Why don't you try these clothes on first? Just tell the saleslady to help you find something better if they don't fit you. I need to answer a call now. Just give me a minute and I'll be right back," said Becker as the phone inside his pocket kept buzzing.

"Oh no, you don't! Mister, are you planning to run away?" Anna suddenly asked with a frown.

"God! You can't be more adorable than this." Amused by her reaction, Becker shot her a doting glare. He slowly approached her until they were just some inches away. He then bent down and whispered in her ear tenderly, "Don't worry. I won't leave you here. It would be very stupid of me to leave my beautiful future-wife alone inside a shopping mall, right?"

The saleslady, who was assisting them, had charged the clothes to Becker's card. There were eleven clothes in total, which cost 1.03 million dollars.

She picked up the card and the invoice, turned around, and saw the handsome man whispering in the woman's ear. Judging it from that angle, the two seemed to love each other very much.

All the salesladies in the Chanel store were envious of the woman. They worked in the same store every day and they also liked the clothes he

ated her usual look and made her both sexy and innocent at the same time.

Although there was a small dressing mirror in the fitting room, Anna decided to enjoy herself in a larger mirror outside.

Thus, she excitedly opened the door and walked towards the large dressing mirror.

Rosy noticed the beautiful dress and automatically turned to Anna's direction. As Anna kept her head low, Rosy didn't recognize her. Nonetheless, she thought that the girl's built was a bit familiar.

Meanwhile, Anna didn't see Rosy as she checked on herself. She knew nothing about the prying eyes on her back when she stood before the mirror and raised her gaze.

That was when Rosy's face changed dramatically. She knew the lady before the mirror indeed! However, neither the saleslady nor Patricia noticed how her face instantly turned sour since she was wearing a gauze mask.

'She's the doctor who's always been with Linda!

She is also grandfather's attending doctor.

Since when can a doctor afford to buy Chanel clothes?' she silently mocked inside her head.

Unaware of Rosy's bad mood, the saleslady said to her in a polite voice, "Miss, that dress that the lady is wearing is the Elizabeth, our limited edition winter dress."

Anna was about to go back to the fitting room to take the dress off when a loud voice suddenly took her attention.

"Since when did your store allow such a poor woman to step in? Are you out of your freaking mind? What if she gets the dress dirty? I won't buy the dress that she already put on!"

Confused, Anna turned around and saw Rosy.

'Oh my gosh! Why is she here?' Her brain suddenly reeled as she was rendered speechless. Then she thought, 'I shouldn't have come here at the very beginning! Damn it!'

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