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   Chapter 769 I'm Taking All The Rest

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8338

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The clothes in this store might be expensive for ordinary people, but Anna thought that Becker would turn up his nose at them. Judging from his fancy car and expensive shirt, she felt that he must be a rich guy.

"How do you feel about the clothes here?" asked Anna as she turned to Becker.

As a reply, he gave her a smile and nodded.

"Please select some clothes for me. What do you think fits me?"

That made Anna remain silent. She barely knew the man before her; how was she supposed to know what fitted him?

'He's so good-looking. I guess all clothes would look good on him, ' she thought. However, whatever she thought would never be something she would say out loud. Otherwise, the man would be on cloud nine at her compliment. The last thing she wanted was to flatter him.

Still, Anna entered the shop and began to select clothes for the guy. She knew that he would think of hundreds of ways to get back at her in case she didn't oblige.

Anna was unable to handle people like him.

The store mainly sold leisure clothes. Anna had only met Becker twice. She could recall him wearing a Burberry wind coat the first time they met and a formal shirt in the second.

She thought that he might not be a fan of leisure clothes.

That was when a saleslady walked up to them with a big smile.

The saleslady's eyes widened at the sight of the watch Becker was wearing. As a saleslady, she knew the famous brands like the back of her hand.

She could easily tell from customers' clothing whether they were rich or not. Learning about famous brands was one of the skills she must learn to be a successful saleslady.

She knew that Becker's watch cost at least a hundred thousand dollars.

She swore to herself that she must serve the man well.

Upon noticing the coffee stain in his shirt, she realized that he must be here to have a new shirt. She also noticed the coat Anna was wearing. It seemed to be an British brand, and the cloth made the coat look very high-end. She didn't think ordinary people could afford it.

She was good at gauging people's mind. Becker was looking at Anna with a doting smile all the while. Instantly, she knew that this woman meant a lot to the man. She might be his wife, girlfriend, or mistress. Anyway, she needed to pay extra attention to the lady.

Thus, she put on a flattering smile as she walked up to the lady and asked in a soft voice, "Miss, are you selecting clothes for your husband? Why don't you allow

ught I pissed her off. Ah, I know it! She must be plotting something.'

When they entered the shop, a saleslady walked up to them and said with a big smile, "Miss, what can I do for you? Do you want me to help you select clothes?"

Anna pointed to a row of clothes and said, "This one, this one and this one."

The saleslady's smile grew wider at her words. However, Anna's next words angered her. "I don't want them."

'Are you making fun of me?' the saleslady thought and was about to say something, but Anna cut her off even before she could talk.

"I'm taking all the rest!" A wicked smile cracked Anna's beautiful lips and the saleslady was rendered speechless.

'Am I dreaming? Or is she making fun of me again?' she thought.

She had served many rich guests before but this was the first time that she had seen a customer who wanted to buy a dozen of clothes without even trying them on.

"Pack them all!" said Becker as he took out a black bank card from his wallet and passed it to the saleslady.

Her eyes lit up at the sight of the card. Only billionaires were qualified to apply for this kind of black card.

She then turned to look at Anna. She was suddenly feeling envious of the woman. 'He is no nice to her. I guess she is his mistress instead of his wife. After all, rich men all have mistresses, ' she thought.

Anna was in total disbelief when she realized what happened. She just wanted to crack a joke with Becker. She didn't really want to buy that many clothes. 'Is this guy a money-making machine? He is going to spend a million dollars on a woman he just met for a few days! Who the hell is this guy?' she thought.

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