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   Chapter 768 You're An Ass!

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"Alright. Let's get going," Becker said as he flashed her an adoring smile. Anna wasn't sure what had been going on inside her head but for the second time that day, his way of smiling at her left her in trance.

'He's so bossy!' her mind screamed out of frustration. 'How could this man easily control me like this?'

Annoyed, she ended up biting her lower lip while evading Becker's warm stare.

She was still deep in her thoughts when Becker suddenly moved and ended up hovering above her. His face was so close to hers that she could feel his warm breath against her cheek. Her arms instantly covered her chest when Becker moved even closer until he was almost lying face-down above her.

"What are you doing?" she cried. She deeply regretted having agreed to his requests. 'Oh my gosh! I don't even know who he is and where he comes from.

I know nothing about him. Why did I get in his car?'

"Seat belt," he said in a sensual voice followed by a light clicking sound from her side. She was instantly blushing and stiff upon realizing what he just did. He just strapped her seat belt. Her world stopped moving for a while until Becker casually moved away. That was the only time when she breathed again as her thoughts went on full blast.

'W-What? Seat belt? So he almost rode me just to strap me with a seat belt!'

Anna gnashed her teeth but decided not to do anything about it. She was already in his car and it was impossible for her to retreat now. Thus, she took a deep breath to calm herself down.

However, Becker wasn't numb and easily sensed how tensed Anna was. Her face was so cute when she was mad, so he couldn't help but chuckle inside his mind. Nevertheless, pissing Anna more than what he already did was out of his plan. Thus, he summoned all his strength to remain emotionless despite his urge to tease her more.

He didn't know what it was but Anna had successfully stirred something deep inside him the very first time he had laid his eyes on her. It was the very same reason why he just couldn't stop himself from wanting to know her more.

As odd as it seemed, Anna had already stolen his heart that very same time he saw her kick off her high heels, kneel on the floor, and give an old man first aid at the airport. It was crazy. Who would even believe him if he said that he had loved her since?

She was so beautiful while helping the old man.

She looked so focused and strong back then. It was the first time in his life that he had felt his heart racing that wildly for a woman.

Becker pressed the accelerator hard and the sports car flew like a bat out of hell. Anna was caught off guard by it, so she ended up screaming, "Will you please sl

all the time.

"Let's buy you some shirt first. It won't take long. People will jeer at you if you go to a fancy restaurant with a stained shirt."

Anna decided to have his stained shirt dry-cleaned in some dry-cleaning shop later. The shirt, after all, cost almost $300, 000. She thought that it would be a waste of money if he just dumped this shirt.

They walked side by side to the Seaport Mall. Anna had been to this mall a couple of times before. Thus, she knew that men's clothes were sold on the fourth floor. She decided to select a shirt for him there.

Since Becker could afford a Bugatti Veyron, he could easily afford the clothes in Seaport Mall.

'Is Becker a rich second generation?'

Anna thought as she resignedly shook her head. It had never occurred to her that a man, as rich and as handsome as Becker, would have a thing for a thirty-year-old woman like her. 'He has a really bad taste.'

Anna was not fond of rich second generations.

She thought that these people were good-for-nothing. They just knew how to spend and slack everywhere their money could afford.

She was almost certain that Becker was one of them.

Shaking that thought away, Anna knew as early that Becker and she couldn't be together.

Once the elevator stopped on the fourth floor, Anna stepped out quickly leaving Becker behind. On the other hand, Becker just followed her silently without even making any unwanted noises, letting her choose from the rows of luxury shops they were passing by.

"The clothes here are good, Mister. Why not take a look?" she finally suggested as she stopped before one of the shops.

The shop was named "GDP", which sold casual clothes.

The T-shirts here usually cost about a thousand dollars each, while the coats cost about two thousand to ten.

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