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   Chapter 767 Bugatti Veyron

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Anna jerked forward to grab the coffee mug from Becker's hand. However, in the scramble, she didn't hold the mug tight and it slipped from her hand.

The coffee poured all over Becker's white shirt

and the mug dropped onto the floor, breaking into pieces.

Becker was actually wearing a black windbreaker before he came into Anna's office. However, he took his windbreaker off after entering the place as it was warm here. He never expected this accident to happen at all.

Looking down on his stained white shirt, Becker grinned helplessly. He then shook his head and began to complain, "You've stained my shirt. How are you going to make it up to me?" Anna was left speechless while staring at Becker. She couldn't believe how cunning he was to be the first to complain. Thus, she thought, 'Make it up to him?

This guy is unbelievable! He couldn't be more shameless than this.

Why am I the one to compensate for what happened?

He's the one who took my coffee without my permission! Moreover, couldn't he see that he broke my coffee mug too?

He is the one to be blamed!'

"That's so ridiculous! I won't compensate for anything!" After shouting at Becker, Anna squatted down and was about to clear the shards of the broken mug.

She was only a few inches from picking up the first shard when a huge strong hand suddenly caught her wrist and stopped her.

"What are you doing? What do you want now? Let go of me!" yelled Anna on the top of her lungs while glaring at Becker.

But just like before, Becker acted as if he didn't hear anything and moved her hands away from the shards.

"Be careful, my Anna. The skin on your hands is so soft. What if the shards cut your hand or finger? My heart will ache if you get hurt," Becker's voice was authoritative amidst its gentleness. His hands were warm as it held both of her hands. There was something about how Becker was looking at her that made her heart uncontrollably flip. Thus, she shouted again, "Stop your flippant words! I don't really know you, sir. Why did you even come here? I'll call the police!"

'Who the hell is this man? And what the hell is he doing?' Anna thought to herself. She tried to pull her hands from Becker but his grip on her went firmer.

For a while, Anna felt like fighting a tug of war with him as she tried to pull her hands back. She was in that dilemma when something suddenly hit her and made her look at Becker with wide eyes.

"Wait! H-how did you know my name?"

"You want to know? Kiss me and I'll tell you," teased Becker. An evil smile cracked his thin lips and God knew how much Anna wanted to erase that smile with the broken shards on the floor!

'This man is too frivolous!' thought Anna.

"One more word like this and I'll ask the security guards to throw you out," she threatened as she furrowed her brows at him.

Honestly, Anna had always hated too much interaction with men. Becker, being this handsome, was not an exception to that rule at all. What he was doing right now was just making Anna believe that he was indeed a crazy bad man.

On the other hand, Becker just remained quiet even after Anna's words. His smile gradually melted as he read the anger on her face clearly. He let go of he

taring blankly at the red Bugatti Veyron that was parked on the roadside.

"Hey, Anna! Come and get in the car now." Becker politely opened the door for her. However, seeing her stand still, he ended up waving his hand at her in an attempt to get her attention.

That made Anna snap out from her trance at once. Nevertheless, she still didn't move and just stayed staring at Becker with disbelief.

Although he said that he didn't lie to her, she had kept doubting whether his shirt was worth more than 230 thousand dollars or not.

It was not until now that she finally believed his words. Goodness! He owned a Bugatti Veyron!

This latest model of red Bugatti Veyron was extremely expensive. If she could recall it right, this was worth more than 20 million.

The only place where Anna had seen the same Bugatti Veyron model was in the garage of the Mu Clan's villa.

Charles owned one but he seldom drove that car. He liked to keep himself low profile and using such a flashy car wouldn't help him with it.

In Anna's memory, Charles had never driven his Bugatti Veyron since he married Lady Linda.

Becker had no choice but to come closer to Anna since she wasn't even moving an inch. He stared at her face and then urged, "Hurry up, beautiful girl. We don't have time to waste. I'll still take you to a meal after we buy some clothes so..."

He didn't finish what he was saying anymore and just grabbed Anna's hand. He then dragged her gently towards the passenger seat and assisted her in getting in.

As Anna was getting into the car, Becker carefully put his hand above her head to protect her from hitting the roof.

"I've just come back to SH City and I'm not familiar with the places here. What's your suggestion? Where should I buy my new shirt?" Becker asked.

Although Anna seldom went shopping, she was familiar with the buildings in SH City. It seemed that Becker was a rich man so it wouldn't be suitable to take him to some cheap stores.

After considering those things, she suggested, "Let's go to the Xu District. It's a prosperous commercial district in SH City. I think you can find the clothes you like there."

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