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   Chapter 766 Have You No Shame

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Rosy was in a very good mood at the moment so she nodded and said, "Fine!"

Like any other common girl, she was also fond of taking selfies.

In fact, she had stored a number of selfies in her phone's album.

Many of her friends, or rather, those who wanted to play up to the Nalan Clan would give 'likes' or positive comments on her selfies whenever she posted on WeChat Moments. Their compliments were as generic as "Lady Rosy, you are so beautiful!"

However, those things satisfied Rosy's innate vanity. She just loved being called beautiful all the time. It was normal for most of the girls to enjoy people's praises for their appearances anyway.

Getting Rosy's approval, Patricia Zhuo immediately took out a camera from her LV handbag. Rosy's eyes instantly lit up with surprise upon seeing what type of camera Patricia was holding.

"Oh! So you have this version of the camera?" Rosy asked.

"Yes! I bought it for selfies. This is the latest version and it makes higher quality pictures than smartphones. It can automatically make the skin smoother and slim the face when you take a photo with it. The results are really astounding. Do you want to have a try, Rosy?" chimed Patricia as she showed her the camera.

Nodding in agreement, Rosy curiously took the camera from Patricia's hand and examined it. She had wanted to buy one long before.

It was just that she had been very busy with many troublesome affairs recently. One of them was about her teeth and the other was about her nightmares regarding her grandfather. These were the reasons why she wasn't in the mood to buy the camera even though she had already noticed it one month ago. Moreover, she wasn't really into taking selfies nowadays because of her mask.

She couldn't even live a minute without it. She honestly didn't want Patricia to see her teeth because she was afraid that Patricia might laugh at her.

On the other hand, Patricia had been curious ever since she met Rosy this afternoon. She could still remember how Rosy quickly put on her mask after sipping her coffee earlier. Just now, Rosy took off her mask but kept her head down without speaking a word when she ate her dessert. She then immediately put her mask back on right after she ate, as if her life depended on it.

That habit of Rosy was really confusing to Patricia. She wasn't sure if Rosy was just doing it to avoid being recognized in public.

After all, Rosy was the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan and many people in SH City knew her. Maybe Rosy wanted to keep a low profile.

'It's fine, ' Patricia thought silently. 'I would eventually know the answer to this anyway as soon as we start taking selfies.'

Just a few seconds later, Rosy held the camera slightly above them. She tried adjusting the angle but then found that she didn't look good enough while wearing her mask. Thus, she took it off before pressing the shutter. Then, they changed to different angles and posed to take some more selfies.

As Rosy's attention was concentrated on taking photos, she totally forgot about her teeth and di

used bluntly without hesitation.

What happened next made Anna utterly surprised. Becker didn't even mind being turned down! Rather, he tagged along all the way to her office silently as if he heard nothing.

After returning to her office, Anna sat on her seat and began to work on her paper. She completely disregarded Becker's presence as if he disappeared into thin air. She believed that he would eventually get bored if she ignored him.

She believed that it was easy for men to have crushes on women. Most of them would pursue women with passion at the start.

They were always greedy for something fresh. However, they really didn't have the patience and easily give up on things when they were consistently being ignored.

Nonetheless, she never expected Becker to be different from what she thought. Goodness! Her theory didn't help at all.

While Anna was attentively typing on her laptop, Becker stayed casually sitting on the sofa with his eyes intently watching her.

She could feel his passionate gaze even if she wasn't lifting her head from her work. That made her so uneasy.

Half an hour later and she couldn't take it anymore! Thus, Anna gave in and broke the silence.

"What do you want, sir?" she asked as she leaned on her seat and massaged her temple. God knew that she hadn't been this helpless.

"I want to treat you to a meal," Becker replied honestly and straightforwardly.

"I said no," she refused outright again.

Unable to reach an agreement, Becker suddenly stood up and walked to Anna's desk. He took the cup of coffee on the desk and said with a playful smile, "I'm the guest here. Why haven't you given me anything to drink? Not even a glass of water?"

As he finished his words, he took a sip of coffee. The rich coffee flavors lingered in his mouth. It tasted very good.

"Hey! What are you doing? That's my cup of coffee! Have you no shame?" Anna was mad at him. She hated to share the same coffee mug with someone else. Thus, she immediately got up and reached out to take her mug back.

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