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   Chapter 765 Selfie

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Growing up in a family which preferred sons over daughters, Patricia Zhuo had been suffering from an inferiority complex since her childhood. She had always wanted to accomplish something to attract her parents' attention. However, despite Patricia Zhuo's hunger to please her parents, she was also determined to command her own destiny, especially for marriage. She was more than sure that her parents would force her to marry someone she didn't love in the future for the benefit of the Zhuo Clan. She couldn't just let that happen. However, just in case she really had to marry a man she had no feelings for, the man should be at least very powerful and extremely wealthy.

He had to be a man who from a family that was stronger than the Zhuo Clan so her parents could stop looking down on her.

Today's event was a good chance for her to get her future ready. Getting close to Rosy Nalan could be her stepping stone for everything she planned.

Patricia quickly texted Rosy to confirm the time and place where they should meet. It would be at the Xu District, which was the most bustling street of SH City. This street was perfect as it was squeezed with varieties of luxury shops.

Most upper-class girls enjoyed shopping there because it had the most fashionable, sophisticated, and luxurious items.

Of course, everybody knew that shopping there would be really expensive. However, it wouldn't be a big deal for those who were from wealthy families.

Despite her personality and other bad habits, Rosy was very serious with punctuality. They had agreed to meet at 1:30 in the afternoon, in the Seaport Mall of the Xu District. Thus, she had arrived there ten minutes earlier than the agreed time. She waited on that place patiently for Patricia. However, her mood turned sour when the clock hit 1:40 and Patricia still wasn't around.

On the other hand, it was Patricia's bad habit to be late for everything. Despite this, she had tried her best to be punctual this time because she knew that the person she was about to meet was Rosy Nalan. It was unfortunate for her though to still end up late regardless of her effort.

She managed to arrive at the underground parking lot of the mall at 1:40.

Then, she quickly parked her Mini Cooper and rushed to the elevator to get to the Seaport Mall.

She was running as fast as she could when she caught a glimpse of the time on her phone. It was already 1:45 and she was fifteen minutes late. Thinking that she might have left a bad impression to Rosy, she got even more worried and picked up her pace.

Her mind was swirling about the most convincing excuse she could tell Rosy once they met. Patricia instantly spotted Rosy as soon as she stepped into the place. Rosy was sitting inside a coffee shop while drinking coffee. Her impatience and anger were clearly plastered on her face.

It was the feeling that someone was approaching her that made Rosy raise her head. She saw Patricia but didn't say a word. Rather, she kept sipping her coffee while sulking silently.

"I'm really sorry, Rosy. My car

much interaction with Patricia before, but she found that it might be a good choice to let Patricia stay by her side now. Another friend aside from Jessie wouldn't hurt, right?

Even if all other people said that Rosy was lucky to be engaged with Becker, Patricia silently thought of it the other way around. However, she still said that it was Becker Wang who was lucky to be engaged with Rosy.

That was to make Becker look like he deserved Rosy. She wanted to stress that Rosy was of a higher class. She had to talk highly of Rosy and make her really proud.

Glowing with happiness, Rosy thought to herself, 'Yes, I am the only woman in the world who is the perfect match for Becker! All the other women are nothing compared to me!"

Rosy got this thought in her mind, however, she still had to pretend to be modest in front of others.

Thus, she replied with a polite smile, "Don't say that. Master Becker is such an excellent man. I am the one who is lucky."

Gradually, Rosy and Patricia became more and more familiar with each other. They chatted happily. Patricia really knew how to make Rosy happy and she knew how to get to the point. She was a very smart girl.

As they were chatting, a waitress came and put their desserts on the table. Rosy had a bite of the pudding which was recommended by Patricia. As soon as the first bite went into her mouth, Rosy's eyes instantly lit up with excitement. It tasted like ice cream with a rich, creamy texture. The special flavor was beyond Rosy's expectation.

Moreover, it didn't contain lots of calories. She wouldn't get fat even she ate more.

Thus, Rosy couldn't help but eat another piece of it.

She promised to keep the shop name in her mind and decided to come here more often in the future.

Seeing the satisfied look on Rosy's face, Patricia mustered up her courage and suggested, "Rosy, we both have put on delicate make-up today. How about we take a selfie together to record this beautiful moment? It's still early and we have enough time to go shopping after that."

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