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   Chapter 764 Patricia Zhuo

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Amused, Charles chuckled and pecked Linda's lips again. "What? Aren't you satisfied with my answer?" he teased.

Linda shook her head and complained, "Well, I actually didn't expect that answer. You always explain yourself and coax me first whenever I get mad at you. Why didn't you coax me this time?"

"Fine. You naughty woman. I'll do it, okay?" whispered Charles to her ear in a deep and sultry voice. His hands started to move all over her body again, touching gently and caressing those parts every girl wanted to be touched.

However, just at the time when he was about to reach her 'most intimate part', Linda lightly slapped his hands away and said, "Stop it. I have something to tell you."

Charles was unwilling to move his hands away from her. Again, he held her waist with one of his hands and cupped her cheek with the other. He sexily stroked her chin with his thumb, tracing that sensitive skin of her jaw.

Linda's skin was tender and smooth. Her chin was cute and her face was both sexy and innocent at the same time. It was the type of face that men would love to wake up next to everyday, sexy, beautiful, and sweet. Moreover, after this beautiful woman delivered their children, her face had bloomed into a plump beauty.

Touching her was like touching heaven. Thus, Charles couldn't stop running his fingertips on her face.

As he kept caressing her cheek, he asked casually, "What's it? Just tell me."

"I'm taking driving lessons soon," Linda told him honestly.

In a daze for a moment, Charles asked with knitted eyebrows, "Why? Why do you want to learn how to drive?"

Linda's voice sounded sure when she spoke. It seemed that his wife carefully thought of this rather than just out of whim.

"Is it okay with you?" asked Linda in a pleading tone. She was looking straight at his face with her big bright eyes.

This was her way of gently persuading him to say yes. Controlling his laughter, Charles said, "Of course, I agree. Why not? You can do anything you like. I won't even stop you if you want to learn how to fly an airplane or spacecraft!"

"Ahaha!" Linda burst into laughter.

"Are you kidding me? Are you sure that it is okay with you if I learn how to operate a spacecraft?" Linda rolled her eyes at Charles since she didn't take his words seriously.

"I'm not kidding! You know that I won't lie to you, right? The Mu Clan funds the aerospace industry of this country. We are giving about three billion dollars funds to it every year. So, if you do want to have an experience in spacecraft operation, I can arrange that for you," Charles said proudly.

Linda was taken aback by his words with her mouth agape.

Coming back to her senses, Linda didn't let the topic pass and continued to ask, "Just to have an experience? That's not even interesting. Not useful at all. It would be better to continue becoming an astronaut after learning how to fly a spaceship. Can you make me an astronaut too?"

Charles gently spanked Linda's butt and said, "You are

o always used to see Jessie and Rosy together. The two would sit together in the classroom and go to lunch after classes. She envied Jessie for enjoying a close relationship with Rosy.

It was due to the friendship between Rosy and Jessie that the Luo Clan's business flourished. The Nalan Clan had been helping the Luo Clan with so many things. It had a better annual turnover than the Zhuo Clan ever did.

There were times when Patricia Zhuo felt very angry about this.

How came Jessie was Rosy's best friend?

Rosy never liked to interact with other students in the classroom except for Jessie, even though all of them had a strong background.

None of them had a stronger family than Rosy's anyway.

Patricia Zhuo could hardly find a chance to make friends with Rosy back then.

She had managed to get Rosy's WeChat contact at the beginning of this semester. But Rosy never texted her back whenever she sent her a simple 'hello'.

This was the very same reason why Patricia Zhuo was so surprised. For the first time, Rosy texted her! Moreover, she had agreed to go shopping with her!

'This is a golden chance! If I can make Rosy happy, the Zhuo Clan may get more support from the Nalan Clan.

My father will not look down on me anymore!' Patricia Zhuo thought to herself excitedly.

She always behaved well in front of her parents, but silently, she knew that her parents preferred boys to girls.

Long ago, Patricia Zhuo happened to overhear a conversation between two servants.

They said that Patricia was lucky to be born safe and sound because she had an elder brother. If she were the first child of this family, she could have been killed before she was even born.

She was crushed after hearing those things. Nevertheless, she completely believed what the servants said.

She had always felt how her family treated her brother much better. They had never shown interest in her. Sad and true, she could feel little love from her family. The love was just never enough.

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