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   Chapter 763 You Win

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Consuela Lin wouldn't have any time to rest this year if she would spend her holiday as Linda's instructor.

As a good nephew, Eugene didn't want to bring his auntie so much trouble.

"Aunt Consuela, I think it's best for you to enjoy your holiday and have a good rest. Do you have any other female coach in your driving school that can replace you?" he asked.

"It's alright. I wouldn't mind being her coach. You know that I'll just get bored if I stay at home for a whole month," Consuela insisted while smiling reassuringly.

Her vacation would start after her lessons tomorrow. Tomorrow, her last group of students would take part in the Driving Test Three which was also known as the road test.

If they could pass the Driving Test Three, they would be allowed to take part in the Driving Test Four, which was the last step before getting the driving license. The last test would be a traffic rule examination. The examinees would have to review and remember the traffic rules by themselves. Thus, it had nothing to do with the coach anymore.

If some of her students didn't pass the Driving Test Three, they would have to wait for at least one more month before they could take the test again. In other words, Consuela wouldn't need to worry about her students in the following one month.

"Okay. I guess it's decided then. Thank you so much, Aunt Consuela!" said Eugene.

He took that chance to make an appointment with Consuela and invited her to have a meal with Linda and Adrian. It would be nice if she could get to know his friends before the lessons started.

"Aunt Consuela, how about having a meal with us first?"

"Okay. Let me know when and where. I will get there myself," answered Consuela in a casual tone.

That marked the deal. Everything was already settled since Consuela agreed to personally teach Linda. Linda's excitement was immeasurable after hearing the news. She didn't even expect that she could have a chance to learn driving.

She was used to going out by bus or by bike in the past. She didn't have a car herself so it wasn't that necessary for her to learn how to drive.

However, everything in her life had changed now.

She wasn't the common girl that she used to be. Her status had changed!

She was now the Lady of the Mu Clan, the eldest daughter of the Xia Clan, and also the granddaughter of Lord Nalan.

Honestly, Linda's personality didn't really change much even after these things. She wouldn't even mind going out by bus or by bike right now.

It was just that it wouldn't be appropriate for her to do these things anymore due to her respected status.

However, driving was a basic skill, so she felt so happy to finally have a chance to learn it.

Adrian and Eugene decided about where and when they would meet Consuela.

They would have lunch in a restaurant the next noon and Lin

hands started to explore Linda's body as he began raining tiny kisses on her neck.

Feeling Charles' passion, Linda suddenly came up with a tricky idea. She turned around and held on to his waist. She then asked in a cute voice, "Answer this first, honey. Will you stop loving me and abandon me someday in the future?"

That got Charles confused. His face instantly turned serious as he furrowed his eyebrows. After a long pause, he asked, "What's wrong, baby? Why are you asking such a stupid question? How is it even possible for me to abandon you?"

"You hesitated before answering my question! Huh!" protested Linda right after he talked.

Charles was rendered speechless. After a sigh, he replied, "No, I just gave you my honest and sincere answer after better thoughts. I didn't give you a casual answer. Can't you feel my sincerity?"

Unconvinced, Linda wrapped her arms around his neck and continued to protest angrily, "Whatever, I'm not convinced. You were hesitant about the answer. You weren't showing enough sincerity. If you dare to abandon me, I will...kill you..."

Linda tried to swallow her laughter. She just wanted to make fun of Charles and see how he would react. Seeing the cunning look in Linda's eyes, Charles grinned, drew closer to her and pecked her lips.

"Never mind. Anyway, I have hundreds of ways to make you beg me to stop..." he said with a playful smile.

'Me begging you to stop? From loving me? But why?' Now it was Linda's turn to be confused by his words.

She didn't expect that answer. Usually, Charles would coax her first whenever he saw her get angry with him. Why did he act differently this time?

She raised her head and saw the cunning look in his eyes. She suddenly realized what he was referring to! Obviously, he had already realized her little trick and fought back nicely.

"Fine! Fine! You win!" Linda said, curling up her lips in frustration.

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