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   Chapter 762 Learn How To Drive

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Eugene couldn't help but laugh upon hearing Consuela's question. He rolled his eyes playfully and then answered, "A girl."

"A girl? That is a surprise!" commented Consuela.

Eugene was still holding his phone against his ear when something suddenly caught his attention and made him furrow his eyebrows. He swore he heard the distinct sound of a notebook hitting someone's head from Consuela's background! Not a second later, he heard his aunt's distant yell, as if she moved the phone away from her mouth before screaming, "Did I ask to you turn left? Why did you turn left without my order? Are you out of your mind? You're not going to pass the Driving Test Three if you continue to drive like this! You'll fail the exam within just a couple of seconds!"

That made Eugene unconsciously palm his face. It was obvious that he called his aunt in a very wrong time. She was obviously working right now!

"Aunt Consuela, my friend is from a prominent family. Could you please be nicer to her once it's her turn to take your lessons?" he pleaded.

Linda was Charles' wife, the Lady of the Mu Clan! His aunt couldn't just treat Linda the same way she treated her other students, right? Or could she?

"She's from a prominent family? You know me well, Eugene. I give equal treatment to all my students. If she can't take the pressure of learning how to drive with me, well, you'd better ask her to find another driving instructor."

That response made Eugene smile wryly. It was a must for him to enroll Linda under Consuela's classes because Adrian asked for it. There was no way he could turn Adrian down.

However, he was also aware that his aunt was very short-tempered and that many driving students had already filed complaints against her.

She had the record of making almost all her female students cry.

Despite her temper though, Consuela was a very good instructor. Most of the driving students who learned from her got their driving licenses within half a year. Some of them even got their licenses in three months.

According to the rules in SH City, people could only attend the Driving Test Three a month after they passed the Driving Test Two.

If it weren't for that, some people might get their licenses in just a month.

However, everybody knew that the rules were reasonable.

Driving students needed time to get used to driving. Otherwise, they might cause road accidents.

"Got it. I'll tell her about it." After hanging up, Eugene took a deep breath and then called Adrian.

He told Adrian everything Consuela said

and asked him to reconsider it.

Eugene's c

rn driving from you," Eugene said while rubbing his aching temples.

"Really? Did you tell her that I'm short-tempered? I don't think we can get along with each other if she's a spoiled girl," said Consuela honestly.

"Yes, I did and she's okay with that."

Consuela was stunned. Usually, girl students retreated upon knowing what kind of person she was. Why was this girl different?

That thought made her silent for a while. It was a couple of seconds more when she suddenly remembered something. She was going to take a long leave soon!

"Eugene, I applied for a month-leave last week, and the driving school approved it. Your friend will be my lone student for a whole month. What do you think?"

said Consuella while arching her eyebrows.

She was really curious about this girl. Eugene had never introduced any of his friends to her before. This was the very first time, and he brought in a girl!

Consuela had long known that Eugene was a gay. She even encouraged him to be brave enough to face his sexual orientation.

Consuela guessed that the girl must be different from others. Otherwise, her nephew wouldn't be bothered to do this for her. Thus, she wanted to learn more about her.

"Aunt Consuela, I don't want you to be bothered when you're on holiday. How about I ask her to visit you after your leave?" Eugene said.

Driving instructors were usually very busy to the point that they had to work even on weekends. After all, office workers were only available on weekends and could only go to driving schools then.

In a normal scenario, a driving instructor would ask for a month's leave every year.

They would take a good rest during this month and then had to work for eleven consecutive months.

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