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   Chapter 761 Am I Mad

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"I don't know why Master Becker chose to leave with Linda. I told his father that we would pick him up at the airport but I've never talked to him in person. I only met him twice when he was still a little boy. They still had domestic businesses back then. I haven't seen him since they withdrew from the domestic market and moved to Europe," Lenny stated.

Upon hearing that, Rosy nodded and said nothing. Just the thought that Becker didn't want to see her made her feel sad and dejected.

The man she loved had left the airport with the woman she hated the most.

This fact hit her like a sharp knife and ripped her soul. She clenched her fists and yelled an extremely gruesome four-letter word in her mind.

It hurt like hell but she could do nothing about it. She couldn't just go to Becker and ask him why he had chosen to leave with Linda. He had already called her father and explained that his phone was turned off. Even though they knew that he was lying, they could only pretend that they had no idea about it. They didn't want to offend Becker after all.

"Rosy, don't worry. I'll call Master Becker's father and talk about the marriage between you and him." Lenny stroked Rosy's shoulder to console her.

Devin chimed in, "Rest assured. Linda won't be a threat to you. She's a married woman. Do you think that she will dump Charles to be with Master Becker? That's impossible. Just relax."

Devin, the eldest son of the Nalan Clan, had already regarded all the family properties as his own. He had many rivals in the family and he needed to find a strong support. He believed that Becker would be his strong ally if Rosy could marry him.

Rosy was a girl. Despite being the eldest daughter of the Nalan Group, she was still being treated as a tool by her brother. If she could get married to Becker, Devin believed that it would be a piece of cake for him to use the Wang Clan's money and resources.

Rosy had no idea of what was on her brother's mind. She thought that he really cared about her and was greatly touched.

"I will, Devin," Rosy nodded and gave him a bright smile.


was frowning at the moment and looked a little scary with two of her front teeth missing. However, she was in no mood to pay attention to her image. What she only cared about right now was how to deal with the situation.

Her grandfather was not dead yet but in a coma. She didn't know what to do to cool his anger. She stared blankly at the wall while shivering.


Linda, Bun, and Adrian had their meal in an Italian restaurant. After that, Adrian called Eugene and asked him to call his aunt.

Eugene took a few days off after operating Linda's grandfather. He had decided to just continue thinking about the hospital in which he would choose to work.

He had planned to stay and work in SH City from now on.

He was the youngest and best doctor in neurology in Sweden. Thus, he had received a lot of offers from different hospitals as soon as he came back from abroad.

However, Eugene decided to select a hospital with better working condition, higher payment, and a brighter future.

He would take his time to research those hospitals and then make his final decision.

After hanging up Adrian's call, Eugene wasted no time and dialed his aunt's number. Consuela was very surprised to receive his call.

"Aunt Consuela, one of my friends wants to learn how to drive. Are you free in the following days?" he asked.

"A friend? A girl or a boy?" Consuela asked out of curiosity.

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