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   Chapter 760 It's Just An Excuse

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What happened next in the video

made Rosy's mouth gape.

Linda, Bun, and Adrian were in the lounge and walked up to Becker.

"Linda Xia? Why was this bitch there?" Rosy blurted out a little too loud.

Lenny cast a scolding glance at her but didn't say anything.

He was a little disappointed at his daughter because of her tendency to act improperly before the public.

They were not alone in the monitoring room and the staff of the airport was still here.

As a member of the Nalan Clan, Rosy should always keep the family's reputation in mind.

How could she say something so rude such as "bitch"? People would believe she was ill-bred.

Realizing what she'd said, Rosy immediately shut her mouth.

As there was no sound in the video, they were unable to hear what Linda, Bun, Adrian, and Becker were talking about.

However, Rosy knew that it must be a pleasant chat as everyone in the video was smiling.

Lenny finally realized what had happened and where Becker had been.

Becker had been picked up by Linda and her companions.

Adrian was the most popular celebrity in the entertainment circle nowadays and nobody knew his mysterious family background. Lenny, however, knew it very well.

He knew that Adrian was a member of the Wang Clan, which was one of the four prominent clans.

It seemed that Adrian had a close relationship with Becker.

"Let's go home," offered Lenny.

They had no other choice now

since Linda had already picked Becker up from the airport.

Nevertheless, Lenny still couldn't understand why Becker agreed to leave with Linda.

After all, Lenny had already told the Wang Clan that Linda tried to murder her grandfather in order to snatch the properties of the Nalan Clan.

He also added that she had taken the old man away with the help of the Mu Clan's resources after knowing that she failed killing him on her first attempt.

Becker had once been kidnapped when he was a little boy and it was Richard who had saved him. Even Adrian knew this story, not to mention Lenny. Lenny thought that Becker would give Linda the cold shoulder. It seemed like it wasn't the case though.

Rosy was fuming with rage and stormed out of the monitoring room.

As soon as they got into the car, Rosy couldn't help but break out into curses. "What does that bitch want to do? Why did she pick Becker up? Is she plotting something? Does she want to ruin my wedding?"

"Rosy, it was just an oral agreement. You aren't engaged to Master Becker yet. How could you

"Father, please say something."

Rosy used to look down upon those who had gotten married out of political or commercial reasons instead of love. She had made up her mind that she would marry a man whom she truly loved.

Her priority in selecting her future husband was his appearance.

She would by no means marry an ordinary-looking man. Oh! There was another important factor! Her future husband must be from a prominent family. If he was a successor of the family, that would be the best.

She would never degrade herself to marry a nobody.

As the eldest daughter of the Nalan Clan, she believed that she deserved the best man in the world.

She couldn't be more satisfied with Becker.

Becker had a handsome face and a perfect figure. Most importantly, he was one of the successors of the mysterious and powerful Wang Clan.

Lenny flashed a smile and teased, "Rosy, why are you being so anxious? You haven't met him yet. How come you are acting like you're dying to marry him?"

"Father, don't make fun of me!"

"Yes, Master Becker just called me. He said his phone had been turned off and he had been unable to contact us," explained Lenny as the smile on his face disappeared.

Upon hearing that, Rosy smiled, "Ah, it explains the matter. No wonder we were unable to find him."

Lenny snorted and snapped, "Do you believe him?"

"What do you mean by that?" Rosy asked in confusion. Was Lenny implying that Becker had lied?

"If his phone was turned off, how was he able to contact Adrian? By telepathy?" Lenny mocked.

Rosy's face turned sour at his words. "So he just made an excuse.

The truth is he didn't want to come with us. Am I right, father?"

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