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   Chapter 759 Becker Knows Anna

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7609

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The man in charge of the monitoring room showed extreme respect to the members of the Nalan Clan. However, Rosy loathed such people.

Besides, she was already very frustrated because of Becker. Thus, she rolled her eyes at the man and walked past him.

The man was stunned by her attitude.

'Did I do something wrong?

I was being very polite to them. Why is she acting like that?

She's from a rich and powerful family.

I thought rich people are all well-educated.

However, she got no manners at all!' the man thought to himself.

He then shook his thoughts off and went to the computer to play the videos for them.

It was a large monitoring room. SH City was an international metropolis after all. As the biggest airport in the city, PD International Airport had more than two hundred cameras.

Lenny asked the man to show them all the videos that had Becker in.

Rosy was dying to know what Becker was looking at when he stopped halfway.

She and Becker hadn't met each other before, but she already knew what he looked like with the help of the Internet.

She couldn't be more satisfied with her husband-to-be.

He was not only handsome but had a perfect figure too. It was said that he was a fitness enthusiast. 'Wow, I could tell that he has a strong body. How I wish I could strip him off and touch his chest.'

Rosy's mouth began to water at the very erotic thought.

'Thank God I was born in the Nalan Clan.

Otherwise, I won't be able to marry anyone from the Wang Clan. It is one of the four major clans after all!'

Soon enough, the man began to play the first video. However, Rosy's face instantly turned sour when she found out whom Becker had been looking at.

They clearly saw what had happened to Becker in this video and

Rosy couldn't help but boil with rage

while staring at the person Becker encountered.

The person in the video was none other than Anna.

In the video, Anna shook off her high heels, which accidentally hit Becker's shins.

'Was this bitch seducing Master Becker? There were so many people around. Why did her shoes hit Master Becker instead of anyone else? She must have done it on purpose!' Rosy thought to herself as she gnashed her teeth.

Anna started taking first

ff immediately did as he was told. Again, the familiar figure appeared.

It was Anna.

The men's and women's washroom were in the same area. Anna entered the washroom first. It was a few minutes later when Becker entered it too. Ten minutes more, Becker left the place. However, Anna didn't.

It took another five minutes before Anna got out of the washroom. She was already wearing a different coat.

Rosy recognized Anna's new dress as soon as her eyes landed on it. It was Eve's latest winter collection.

Rosy herself loved it as well and it cost one hundred thirty thousand dollars alone. She was rendered speechless.

The humiliation that was flooding her that time was too much to bear.

'Master Becker bought the dress for Anna!

What was going on?

Does he know Anna?

How's that even possible?

Anna is merely a doctor in Mu Clan's private hospital.

How did she know him?

Why did he buy her that dress?'

Rosy was both confused and angry. She didn't even dare to look at others, for she believed that they must be chuckling at her.

The monitoring room suddenly fell quiet and no one wanted to break the silence.

The video went on. Becker left the washroom and proceeded to the VIP passage.

There were many VIP lounges at the airport. Rich and powerful people would wait for their flights in these lounges.

Much to Rosy's surprise, Becker then entered a VIP lounge which was next to the one that they had stayed a while ago.

They had just missed him.

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