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   Chapter 758 The Surveillance Video

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Although it was the first time Linda had met Becker, she easily noticed the huge similarity between him and Charles. The two men were both born to win.

"But how did Becker have Anna's card?" Linda asked in confusion.

She was wondering how the two had known each other. She could have asked Becker directly about this. However, he wasn't really in his best attitude when he was with her. She didn't want to be given the cold shoulder again.


Meanwhile, at the PD International Airport, Lenny, Rosy, and Devin were sitting on the couch inside a VIP airport lounge. Standing behind them were ten strong bodyguards in black suits and sunglasses. With serious facial expressions, they put their hands behind their backs.

However, Rosy had a long face the whole time.

So did Lenny.

"Father, what is wrong with Master Becker? He knows that we will be picking him up at the airport, right? Where is he now?" asked Devin impatiently.

Lenny and Rosy had originally planned to pick Becker up at the airport on their own. However, Devin insisted on coming with them as soon as he found out about it. Becker would be his future brother-in-law and he cared about his sister's happiness.

Devin wanted to show his sincerity to Becker and at the same time, check on his future brother-in-law's personality.

It was already past two in the afternoon. However, they hadn't seen Becker yet. They tried calling him several times but his phone was switched off.

Also, they had already asked the airport staff whether Becker's flight was delayed but the staff said that it wasn't. The flight had arrived on time.

They were all about to lose their patience but still, nobody knew where Becker was!

"Exactly! Father, are you sure that you told Master Becker that we'll pick him up from here?" asked Rosy in an exasperated voice. Her impatience was written all over her face. They had arrived at the airport much earlier than scheduled because they didn't want to be late.

They wanted to make a good impression on Becker.

Frankly, they had already been here even before twelv


Then another bodyguard took over the laptop and flash drive from Lenny, turned on the laptop, and inserted the flash drive.

A video was instantly played, showing that Becker got off the plane at 12:30.

Another video showed that he walked towards the exit after getting off the plane.

They could clearly see that Becker suddenly stopped on his way to the exit.

He wasn't moving but was watching someone or something.

"Father, what was he doing?" Rosy asked in confusion.

'Is he some kind of rubberneck?' she asked herself.

"Go ahead." Lenny ordered the bodyguard to continue.

However, the video didn't show what Becker was watching. They were all eager to know what had attracted his attention.

That was when Lenny ordered his man, "Go ask the staff if we can go to the monitoring room to watch other videos."

The man nodded and left the lounge.

The airport was being partly funded by the Nalan Clan. Thus, they agreed to Lenny's request.

Lenny, Devin, and Rosy went to the monitoring room together.

The management of the airport had already informed the staff in the monitoring room

and asked him to be polite and respectful to the members of the Nalan Clan.

When the three of them entered the monitoring room, the man in charge came to receive them with a flattering smile.

"My Lord, Lady Rosy, Master Devin, I'm very honored to meet you."

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