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   Chapter 757 Kidnapping Incident

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Changdu Characters: 7977

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Adrian would feel very aggrieved if Bun knocked him on his head again.

Thus, to look like a wise man, he decided to shut his mouth up and stopped arguing with Bun. It was ironic how Bun could easily bully him given that he was a man.

Nobody talked again after that. The car was in pin-drop silence as it steadily sped along the road.

When the car stopped at another red traffic light, Becker suddenly took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Adrian.

"Investigate this person for me," said Becker emotionlessly.

Adrian took the business card and curiously looked at the information on it.

He was surprised to read the name Anna Xu written on it. There was even a phone number printed next to the name. The information on the card also stated that she was a doctor. However, there was no hospital name or address that was indicated on it.

"Well? Anna Xu? A doctor?" Adrian asked doubtfully.

"What? What about Anna Xu?" questioned Linda.

Adrian turned around and showed the card to Linda while saying, "See? Uncle Becker asked me to investigate the person on this card. The name on it is Anna Xu. I remember that the doctor who assisted Eugene to perform your grandfather's surgery is also named Anna Xu. This Anna in the card is also a doctor. Can she be the same as the one we know?"

Linda took the business card from Adrian with keen interest.

As soon as she saw the phone number on the card, she immediately confirmed that this was the Anna Xu they knew.

"How did you get this business card?" Linda looked at Becker and asked.

Giving Linda a cold glance, Becker asked back, "Does me getting the card has something to do with you, Lady Linda?"

That instantly made the anger reappear on Linda's face. There must be a problem. There was always a sting in Becker's words and it seemed that he didn't have any intention to be civil to her at all!

Linda couldn't help but think about the possible reasons again. They hadn't met with each other before, so there shouldn't be any personal grudges between them. Why was he behaving like this?

Regarding her grandfather's case, she had already explained to Becker that she hadn't done anything wrong. He could just wait until Lord Nalan regained his consciousness. Everything would be clear by that time.

Or could it be possible that Becker was just simply the type of

hing when I was young," Adrian said slowly.

"I guess there are two possible reasons why my uncle doesn't like you. First, he must have gotten some news from Rosy Nalan or her father, that you are the criminal of pushing Lord Nalan into the pond."

"Yes, I guess so," Linda cut in. This was only their first meeting, thus, it was normal that Becker chose to believe the news from Rosy or Lenny.

Adrian nodded and continued, "And there was another reason.

Before the Wang Clan transferred its business to Europe, my great-grandfather had a very good relationship with Lord Nalan. My uncle was kidnapped when he was still a kid and almost died. When he was saved, he had injuries all over his body."

After a pause, Adrian continued, "It was Lord Nalan who brought some men to save my uncle. I think my uncle must feel indebted to your grandfather. This might also be the reason why he agreed to get engaged to Rosy Nalan, who is the granddaughter of Lord Nalan."

Linda was surprised to hear such a story between Becker and Lord Nalan.

Lord Nalan was Becker's hero. No wonder Becker disliked her so much. He might be thinking that she was the suspect who had hurt Lord Nalan.

If that was the reason, then Linda could do nothing to clear their misunderstanding now. The only thing she could do was wait for Lord Nalan to wake up and tell him the truth.

She wanted to destroy the engagement between Becker and Rosy but her plan failed today. Yet, Linda believed that an excellent man like Becker wouldn't be willing to marry Rosy. Rosy wasn't a perfect match for him.

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