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   Chapter 756 Women Are Difficult To Get Along With

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Becker Wang didn't say anything more and nodded his head.

"Alas! Uncle Becker, where's your luggage?" Adrian exclaimed all of a sudden upon realizing that his uncle had walked over to them with his hands in his pockets.

"I don't have any luggage with me," Becker replied carelessly.

That made Adrian speechless.

If there was a person in this world that could surprise Adrian in every way, that person was none other than his Uncle Becker. He couldn't believe that his uncle had come all the way from Europe to SH City without bringing anything at all.

Noticing Adrian's astonished expression, Becker asked, "What's so surprising? Why should I bother myself with the luggage? I can just buy whatever I need here."

Indeed, SH City was an international city which was just like any metropolitan city in Europe.

One could get anything he or she needed in the shopping malls of SH City.

Becker was such an open-minded man and Linda could see the carefree and uninhibited side of him now.

A few minutes more and they all went to the parking lot to get in the car.

Now that Adrian was there with them, Bun didn't need to be the driver.

Becker was settled in the passenger seat right next to Adrian, who was in the driver seat. On the other hand, Linda and Bun sat in the backseats.

As Adrian started the engine of the car, Linda suddenly thought of her idea of getting a driving license. Bun was pregnant, thus, Linda couldn't let Bun drive anymore. Linda herself didn't know how to drive, so if Bun couldn't drive a car, it would be difficult for her to go out.

"Bun, do you still remember the time when I told you that I wanted to learn how to drive? Can you help me choose a driving school? I want to learn it as soon as possible," asked Linda while looking at Bun. It wouldn't be convenient for Bun to drive a car in the following months of her pregnancy. Moreover, Bun would have to stay at home to recover after giving birth.

It would be a long period of time before Bun could drive again. With that in her mind, Linda felt a stronger need to learn how to drive soon.

Back when Linda was studying at university, a lot of her schoolmates learned to drive during their spare time. However, most of them were from rich families, thus, they could afford the expenses of getting driving classes. Linda was still poor by that time since she didn't know her true identity yet. She had to pay for the tuition fee on her own. It was just simply impossible for her to afford the extra expenses of going to the driving school.

It was so expensive that Linda had to give up on the idea at that time. However, she always knew that it was necessary to learn how to drive. Driving was a basic skill for modern people.

And now that her economic situation was much better, no one could stop her

staying in SH City too. You can learn from her, Linda."

Linda thought that it was a very good idea.

So she nodded and said, "Fine, no problem! Please help me contact her."

When Adrian saw the red traffic light on the intersection before them, he slowly stopped the car and then took his phone out. He sent a WeChat account name to Linda. It was the WeChat contact of Eugene's aunt. Linda looked at the name and saw that her name was Consuela Lin.

It sounded like a very good name.

Linda guessed that Eugene's aunt might be a very tender woman.

She nodded to Adrian and immediately added Consuela Lin's WeChat account to her contact list.

"I will ask Eugene to mention you to his aunt and let her teach you. Women have to learn the driving skills well, otherwise, they will become threats to other people's lives on the road. Eugene's aunt is quite a good coach. Without her help, I guess you will have to learn for at least two years before you can get your license," Adrian said mockingly.

Linda wasn't convinced by his words, so she swore, "Let's see! I swear I can get the driving license within three months. If I fail, I am no longer called Linda Xia!"

"Don't promise anything beyond your ability. I remember that it took me four months to get my license. Did you say you would get it in three? Oh, come on! That's impossible!" Adrian said with contempt.

Hearing Adrian's contemptuous tone, Bun's face darkened in anger. She snorted and said, "Adrian, you are so weak! It took you four months? It just took me two months to get my driving license while I was serving in the army. I passed all the exams so easily."

"Geez! Women are so difficult to get along with!" Adrian muttered under his breath.

However, he had instantly stopped retorting against Bun at the same time. Why? Because he was afraid that the army woman might hit his head again.

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