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   Chapter 755 It's Not A Groundless Rumor

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"Oh, shit! My uncle's flight must have arrived. He has called me three times!" Adrian exclaimed anxiously.

"Then call him back right now!" On the other hand, Linda was smiling broadly when she urged him.

Adrian nodded his head and immediately dialed Becker's number. It was a relief that the call was connected in no time.

"Uncle Becker, have you arrived at the airport?" he asked in an embarrassed voice. He was feeling so guilty for making his uncle wait this long.

"Yes" was the only response he received from the other line.

Sensing his uncle's displeasure, Adrian quickly added, "I'm at No. 2 VIP lounge now. Are you coming over or should I go there?"

Again, only a simple and cold response was heard from the other end.

'Did he mean that he would come over to the VIP lounge himself?' Adrian thought.

He knew that Becker must be very angry with him right now, thus, he walked to the doorway of the lounge as soon as their call cut off. He was uneasy while waiting for his uncle.

It was five minutes later when Adrian spotted Becker walking toward him from afar.

He then turned around to look at Linda and said, "Linda, my uncle is coming now."

That made Linda and Bun stand up from the sofa and run to the doorway as well.

From a distance, Linda saw a man dressed in a black windbreaker gracefully approaching them. The man had a short and neat beard on his face, which made him look very manly and stylish.

His deep eyes were looking coldly toward Adrian. However, when he shifted his gaze to Linda, who was standing just right next to Adrian, a dash of surprise crept up his manly face.

Adrian waved at Becker and greeted enthusiastically, "Uncle Becker, I'm here!"

Linda had seen Becker's picture once in a newspaper. Thus, she was certain that the man walking toward them was Becker Wang.

Adrian had told her that Becker was already around thirty years old. However, seeing him in person made her think differently. Goodness! He looked like he was just in his twenties.

Becker came close to them and shot Adrian a contemptuous glance while saying, "I saw you. Don't jump up and down like a monkey. You're a pop icon now. Mind your image, okay?"

"Shit!" Adrian pursed his lips upon hearing his uncle.

However, that low curse got Becker turning back to his young nephew again. Then, with his hands in his pockets, he glared at Adrian and snorted.

"Shit? What a bad attitude you got! Do you dare to retort agains

the fact that he was a playboy.

It was okay for him to date Rosy since he was interested in all kinds of women.

However, he would never consider marrying Rosy. His parents had forced him into that engagement. Thus, in order not to irritate his parents, he surrendered and pretended to agree with it for the moment. He just decided to meet Rosy once or twice more to show a little respect to the Nalan Clan.

He planned to break the engagement soon.

"Regardless if you believe me or not, I just want to tell you that I didn't push my grandfather to the pond. It's Rosy who framed me up," stated Linda firmly while staring at Becker without fear. Those who trusted Linda would always trust her. However, it would be pointless for her to explain anything to those who never trusted her at all.

Sometimes, it was destiny that tied people together. Although Linda wanted to make Becker her ally even before she came to the airport, it was God who would decide whether they could become friends or not.

"Of course, I don't trust you! Well, unless you have evidence to prove your innocence," Becker replied.

"I don't have any evidence. But my grandfather's surgery was successful and he will wake up within the next month. Once he wakes up, you can go and ask him if I have done anything wrong to him." Linda shrugged. She wasn't surprised that Becker didn't trust her.

The atmosphere between them turned awkwardly silent. Feeling the tension rising between Linda and Becker, Adrian suddenly cleared his throat and said in a loud voice, "Hey, hey! What are you guys doing? I'm already starving to death. Come on. Let's go for lunch now."

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