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   Chapter 754 Compensation

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Anna nodded, "Yes, I am. Your father should be sent to the hospital immediately. If he doesn't get treatment soon, his life will be in danger."

"To tell you the truth, my family moved to Japan ten years ago and my father has been coughing blood for the past five to six years. We tried visiting all the hospitals in Japan, but none of the doctors could cure my father, so I brought him back to China to have a try. I heard that SH City is well-developed in all aspects, including medical treatment," the man explained.

"Your father's condition is actually very serious. You should take him to the hospital right now. If the doctors there say that they can't perform the operation for your father, come and find me," Anna suggested, handing the man her business card. Then, she ran toward the washroom.

She was worried about her meeting with Rowling.

Her shirt was stained with blood, and blood couldn't be washed out with water.

How was Anna supposed to explain this to Rowling when she met her?

Anna ran to the washroom to wash the blood off her hands and her face.

She managed to make her face look presentable, but it was a pity that there was a large red stain left on the white shirt that she was wearing.

It was already 12:45, so there was no time for her to buy new clothes to change into. Rowling's flight would arrive soon, so Anna would just have to pick her up while wearing these stained clothes. She could buy new clothes after picking up Rowling.

When Anna walked out the washroom, she saw the man who she had accidentally thrown her high heels at standing at the door, carrying her heels and her bag. He was also carrying a white shopping bag in his hand, but Anna couldn't tell what was in it.

Now that Anna could get a closer look at him, she saw that he looked neat and elegant with a short beard on his face. And of course, he was very handsome. As soon as he saw Anna, he smiled.

He looked even more attractive with a bright smile on his face.

Anna actually felt her heart speeding up as she looked at him.

She shook her head instantly and thought to herself, 'What are you thinking, Anna? What's wrong with you!'



Anyway, Anna needed this dress because the shirt she was wearing had a bloodstain on it. It would be better to wear a clean and tidy outfit to meet her mentor Rowling, so Anna went back into the washroom and hastily changed into the new clothes. There were only 7 minutes left for Rowling's arrival.

Anna was wearing a pair of beige heels, and her heels perfectly matched the dress that the man had bought for her.

On top of that, the dress fit her well.

Anna couldn't help but wonder how the man had known her size.

Anyway, she didn't have time to ponder over it. Rowling would arrive soon, so Anna had to rush to meet her first.

Adrian had never imagined that he would be surrounded by his fans the moment he showed up at the airport. His fans had blocked all the exits. Not only were they blocking Adrian from going anywhere, but they were also being a nuisance for all the other flight passengers.

The airport staff wasn't able to control the crowd on their own, so they called the police to maintain order.

When the police arrived, they forced the fans to evacuate the airport to prevent a stampede from happening. Soon, Adrian was able to escape from his crowd of fans.

After that, Linda, Bun, and Adrian were invited to the VIP lounge by the airport staff.

Adrian took out his phone and found three missed calls from Becker. The time was ten to one o'clock, so Becker must have gotten off the plane already.

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