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   Chapter 752 Crazy Fans

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Lenny was certain that Lord Nalan wouldn't let Rosy off easily once he woke up from his coma.

So to assure his daughter's safety in the future, Lenny had been devoting a lot of time and effort to Rosy's marriage recently.

The Wang Clan and the Nalan Clan had reached an agreement about the marriage between Becker Wang and Rosy. Becker would be back very soon, so Rosy had to seize this opportunity to win his heart. As long as she got married to Becker, Lord Nalan wouldn't be able to do anything to get back at her. After all, the Wang Clan had a strong position in SH City and they would definitely protect Rosy if she was their daughter-in-law.

This was all Lenny could do to protect his daughter now. He had to make sure that Rosy married into the Wang Clan. Deep down in his heart, he wished that Lord Nalan wouldn't be able to wake up anymore. After all, Lord Nalan was already very old, and it would be best for everyone if his life ended this way.

"Father, don't worry. I got the news that grandfather won't be able to wake up anymore. Linda had promised the media that she would make sure grandfather woke up within three months. However, I heard that grandfather's surgery was a failure and that he would never regain his consciousness. We have nothing to worry about now," Rosy said. She felt like she'd been thrown a lifeline. She finally had some breathing space in her struggle to keep her crime covered up.

Hearing her words, Lenny asked in disbelief, "Really? How did you get the news?"

"I overheard Nelson's phone call with Linda. He didn't notice me at that time and just blurted out the news. I'm sure it's true," Rosy said confidently.

Getting the confirmation that Lord Nalan really wasn't going to wake up, Lenny heaved a deep sigh of relief.

"Okay, that's good. Rosy, remember, never act impulsively again. Anyway, Lord Nalan is your grandfather, so if he really dies someday in the future, we'll have to hold a grand funeral for him. You must show your respect for him and apologize sincerely to him in your heart. Understand?" Lenny stressed each of his words.

Rosy obediently nodded her head. "I understand. Father, you have my word. I will never forget my grandfather. He has contributed a lot to our Nalan Clan. I'll always be proud of him!"

Rosy sounded very sincere, so Lenny felt moved when he heard her words.

She was expressing her gratitude for her grandfather as if she had never done anything to hurt him.

Only someone with a distorted mind could be so ruthless to a family member and still behave this way. Both Rosy and Lenny undoubtedly had distorted minds.


pick up Rowling, who had been her mentor at Loma Linda Medical School.

Linda, Adrian, and Bun were also heading for the PD International Airport, but they were going there to pick up Becker Wang.

Being a married woman, Linda didn't have any interest in any man who wasn't Charles.

The reason why she wanted to meet Becker was because she didn't want him to marry Rosy.

Yesterday, Adrian told her that Rosy would also be coming to the airport to meet Becker.

And moreover, to show respect to the Wang Clan, Lenny would be coming with Rosy to meet Becker too.

"Linda, we may bump into Rosy and her father later.

I'm curious about how she'll react when she sees us. Do you think she'll lose her mind?" Adrian asked Linda as the three of them walked slowly into the airport.

He was dressed in the kind of clothes that celebrities usually wore when going out in public; he was wearing a cap on his head, a pair of sunglasses on his eyes and a mask covering his mouth.

As the hottest star right now, Adrian had a large number of fans all over the country, so he had to dress like this to avoid being recognized by his fans. The last time he'd come to the airport to pick up Eugene, he hadn't covered his face and had ended up being swarmed by his fans. After that, he'd learned from his mistake.

However, although he had covered his face well, he was still recognized by a few die-hard fans.

Surrounding him, they excitedly took photos of him and asked him for his autograph.

Looking at the group of crazy fans, Linda shook her head helplessly.

The clamor at the airport was attracting more and more onlookers. With curiosity in their eyes, a throng of people came over to join the fans, trying to see what was happening.

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