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   Chapter 751 Not Have The Chance To Meet Him

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7540

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When Anna received Linda's call, she assumed that Linda wanted to know about Lord Nalan's condition.

"My Lady, Lord Nalan is getting better now. The muscles of his body can move a little, but he still hasn't regained his consciousness. I believe that he'll wake up after one more week."

Although Linda hadn't called Anna to ask her about Lord Nalan's condition, she felt pleased to hear that Lord Nalan was getting better.

"Anna, thanks for taking good care of my grandfather. I want to talk to you about one more thing. Becker is coming back to SH City tomorrow, so I'm going to the airport to meet him. Would you like to come with me?"

Anna was stunned after hearing Linda. "Becker? Becker Wang? He is the woman who is going to marry Rosy, right?"

Linda was surprised to hear Anna say something so incoherent.

"No, no, no. I meant 'man.' Sorry, I just made a mistake." Anna gave herself a knock on the head.

She was exhausted from doing academic research the past few days. Her memory had become like a sieve.

"Yes, that's right. He's the man who's going to marry Rosy. Do you have any interest in him?"

Anna smiled and replied, "My Lady, I'm not interested in any men, especially rich men who lead dissolute lives. I've heard that Becker is a playboy and has a lot of fun abroad."

"It seems that you're interested in him after all. You've even investigated his background and found out that he is a playboy," Linda remarked jokingly.

"You mentioned him last time, so of course I investigated his background. After all, we have to have complete knowledge of everything if we want to successfully take down our enemies," Anna said with a smile.

"I've learned that Becker is a handsome man. Are you sure you don't want to come and meet him with me? He is Adrian's uncle, so Adrian is going to the airport to pick him up tomorrow."

Shaking her head, Anna answered, "My Lady, I really don't have time tomorrow. Ms. Rowling, who was my tutor when I was a graduate student at Loma Linda Medical School, will arrive in SH City at noon tomorrow and I have to pick her up. I don't think I'll have the chance to meet Becker this time."

After learning that Anna had other commitments, Linda didn't want to force her to come alo

ck, everything seemed to slip out of his control.

What was worse, Rosy had harmed Lord Nalan on her own and Lenny had discovered it only later.

Lenny had never had any intention to harm Lord Nalan.

He didn't have the heart to do such a ruthless thing to his own father.

However, his daughter had done it. He knew for a fact that Rosy had harmed Lord Nalan for the benefit of their family, so he hadn't said anything about it.

When he had first learned about Rosy's actions, he had been so angry that he'd slapped her hard across the face. But after that, he hadn't said anything about it. Instead, he'd tried to help Rosy figure out a way to take advantage of this matter.

"You're just thinking too much."

Since Rosy was still a young lady and hadn't had such experiences before, Lenny thought that it was normal for her to have nightmares after doing such a cruel thing.

"I'm not thinking too much! Father! I really dreamed about grandfather last night. In the dream, grandfather squeezed my neck and asked me why I killed him..." While speaking, Rosy began to tremble all over with a frightened expression in her eyes.

"You just had a dream. Don't think about it anymore. Just go with the flow. Since Linda is letting your grandfather receive treatment at the Mu Clan's private hospital, there's nothing we can do about it. Whether he wakes up or not is up to fate." Lenny sighed, knowing that Lord Nalan would be very disappointed in him if he woke up from his coma one day.

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