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   Chapter 749 Have The Courage To Take Responsibility For Your Mistake

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Nelson's ice-cold voice made Essie Tang shudder violently.

"No,'s not like that..." Essie Tang tried to explain, but her voice trailed off as she didn't know how to justify her actions.

"It's not like that? Then why was the expired yogurt still in the fridge? Explain yourself," Nelson demanded. His voice sounded a little calmer now.

Nelson was an understanding person. Even though he had a much higher position than all these servants, he always treated them in a very reasonable way.

Every time a servant committed a mistake, he would give them a chance to explain themselves instead of rushing to give them a punishment.

The steward who was in charge of supervising Essie stood at one side and shook his head in disapproval. "You newcomers are always lazy at work. How can you not check the food in the refrigerator for a whole week? I really can't understand how you guys do your jobs."

There were a lot of workers in the Nalan Clan with different rankings. The servants at the lowest rank were split into groups, each one managed by a steward. And Nelson was the chief steward, ranked at the highest level.

As Nelson was also taking care of the company business of the Nalan Clan, he usually didn't interfere with the stewards' work and just let them supervise the servants. But now, it was obvious that the steward had said these words just to absolve himself and put all the blame on Essie.

Nelson shot a cold glance at the steward without making any comment on what he had said.

But right now, he had no time to care about the steward because he had to handle the matter of Essie Tang first. After all, Essie was the main person who was responsible for it. She was a newcomer and had worked here for less than three months, so she was still in her probation period.

It was her job to remove all the expired food from the refrigerator and replace it with fresh food every day.

But Essie had assumed that it would be okay to not check the refrigerator so frequently since Linda wasn't staying in the Nalan Clan's residence every day.

Sometimes, Linda would go back to the Mu Clan's villa and spend the whole day there.

Essie had always found that the food in Linda's refrigerator remained untouched after a few days, so she'd believed that Linda seldom ate the food there. With that thought in her mind, she had become lazier and lazier and hadn't paid much attention to the food in Linda's refrigerator.

But unexpectedly, Linda had taken a box of expired yogurt from the refrigerator last night and eaten it all, resulting in her diarrhea. Now, regret was written all over Essie's face.

"Mr. Nelson, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I was too careless and didn't pay much attention to the food in Lady Linda's refrigerator," Essie apologized desperately. Her back was already wet with sweat.

"Okay. Since

baffled. It was impossible for her to choose the first option. She wouldn't resign from the Nalan Clan. All her efforts to get such a well-paid, comfortable, and secure job would go to waste if she resigned.

She hadn't been lying when she'd said that she had a family to support.

Moreover, she had an elder brother who was going to get married.

Essie was from a rural family which had a strong preference for sons. She had to earn money so that her brother could have enough money to marry his fiancée, so she really didn't want to lose this job.

But she wasn't willing to choose the second option either. She didn't want to lose half of this month's wage.

As a newcomer in her probation period, she was getting a monthly salary of 4, 000 dollars. Thinking of losing 2, 000 dollars made her heart ache very much.

Essie felt overwhelmed by remorse once again. It wouldn't have taken her much time to just check the food in the refrigerator once a day. It was an easy job, so why hadn't she done it properly? Things wouldn't have been so terrible for her now if she had just done her job well.

She really wished that she could turn back time. She would never be lazy again.

"Mr. Nelson, please. Give me one more chance. I really need this job and the money," Essie begged again.

Without hesitation, Nelson shook his head. "No, you have to make a choice. If you don't, I'll make the choice for you."

Getting no mercy from Nelson, Essie burst out crying again. She had no choice but to turn to Linda for help.

"Lady Linda, please, I beg you. I didn't mean to make you eat expired food. Please give me one more chance."

Linda sighed and simply replied, "Have the courage to take responsibility for your mistake. My stomach has been upset the whole day, and you're the one who is responsible for it. I think Nelson is right in punishing you. You should learn a lesson this time."

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