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   Chapter 748 Bad Yogurt

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"Yes, a little. I'm familiar with your symptoms. Did you swallow some thick white liquid?" asked Adrian.

Right after Adrian finished speaking, Linda raised her hand and gave him a hard smack on the head.

"You bastard! How can you say something that indecent!" she shouted.

Bun, who was standing next to Linda, rolled up her sleeves like she was going to hit him. Covering his head with his hands, Adrian stepped back at once.

"What are you two doing? You're such violent women. I didn't say anything wrong," whined Adrian.

"How dare you! You can't say anything that obscene to Lady Linda," Bun chastised, shooting Adrian a glare.

"I...I just asked her a simple question. I would never dare to offend Linda. What was wrong with my question? I meant yogurt, okay? Yogurt is a thick white liquid," said Adrian with an innocent expression on his face.

Linda merely smiled at Adrian in response. She knew that Adrian was just messing with her.

Every time they met, Adrian would pull her leg or bicker with her.

Just now, he definitely hadn't been talking about yogurt. Describing a liquid as thick and white could easily mislead anyone to associate it with seminal fluid. If he had really meant to say yogurt, he could have just said the word "yogurt" instead of describing it. However, Linda didn't feel offended at all. She was glad that she had a gay friend like Adrian.

Seeing the smile on Linda's face, Adrian felt relieved, realizing that Linda wasn't displeased by his words. Her smile was so sweet that he even forgot to dodge Bun's hitting. He always thought that Linda was very pretty, but he was still captivated by her beauty when he saw her smile.

Linda had just gotten up, and she was wearing her black hair down.

She ran her fingers through her hair and tied it up into a ponytail with a rubber band that Bun had prepared for her. With her hair up, her face looked clear and pretty.

Blinking her black eyes, she said, "Don't mess with me. I'll kick your ass if you do it again."

Adrian smiled. "Okay, okay, I won't. Are you having a stomachache? Maybe you ate or drank something that went bad, like yogurt or milk. Those things go bad easily."

Linda recalled that she had a cup of yogurt last night before going to bed. The yogurt had been there on the table since yesterday morning. But since the weather was cold, she had thought that it wouldn't have gone bad yet.

After eating the yogurt, she had thrown the box into the trash can, so it should still be in there.

"Bun, can you have a look at the yogurt box in the trash can of my bedroom? The expiry date should be stamped on it," said Linda

rt was the reason for her stomachache, it was reasonable to find out who was responsible for it. Carrying out the tasks that had been assigned to them was the least that the servants could do. As servants in the Nalan Clan, they should know better. And if they did end up making a mistake, they had to take responsibility for it.

Linda had never thought of herself as a saint. It was her belief that anyone who made a mistake should be punished.

After a while, a servant hurried into the room with her head down. It was easy to tell that she was terrified.

The servant who was in charge of the errands in the Linda's Garden whispered in Nelson's ear, "Her name is Essie Tang. A few days ago, her father had a heart attack. She has been taking a day or two off every week to take care of him."

Noticing that Nelson was looking at her, Essie explained hurriedly, "I'm really sorry, Mr. Nelson. I've been taking some time off lately, and I didn't pay enough attention to the expiry date of the yogurt. I don't know that it had already expired."

Picking up the yogurt box from the table, Nelson read the expiry date on the box. It was January 12th today, but the expiry date on the box was January 5th.

That meant that the servant hadn't checked the fridge since January 5th. If she had checked the fridge on any day after January 5th, she would have thrown the yogurt away.

"When was the last time you took a day off?" asked Nelson seriously.

Essie replied in a worried tone, "I've been taking leave every weekend to take care of my father. He recently had a heart attack and my family is having a difficult time, so..."

Nelson interrupted her before she could finish her sentence. "So you haven't checked the food in the fridge for a whole week, right?"

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