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   Chapter 747 Know How To Cure An Illness

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"Hi, Jessie. I think I saw a ghost just now," Rosy said in a trembling voice.

Jessie, who was having sex with her sworn father, bit her lip to keep from making any sound.

With a touch of annoyance in her eyes, Jessie turned her head to cast a glance at her sworn father, who was staring intently at her.

Looking more turned on than usual, he nodded at her, gesturing for her to reply.

"What's wrong? What do you mean you saw a ghost?" Jessie tried her best to make her voice sound calm and normal, hoping that Rosy wouldn't be able to figure out what she was doing now.

"I went to sleep early but I kept having nightmares about my grandfather. He was repeatedly asking me to give him back his life."

Even now, remembering the dream made Rosy shudder.

She was lying on the sofa without even daring to turn the lights off because she was scared that she would hear Lord Nalan's voice again.

"You were just having a nightmare. Don't think too much. You should have a good rest. Ghosts don't really exist, so don't worry about it and stop being scared."

"But just now, when I woke up from my nightmare and tried to switch on the lights in my bedroom, I found that they couldn't be turned on. I was so frightened that I immediately ran out of the bedroom. It felt like my grandfather was haunting me. When will you come back? I'm still very scared. Can you come and stay with me here for a while?"

Rosy had gotten too used to Jessie's company.

Jessie always dealt with anything in a careful and thoughtful way.

But now that Jessie wasn't here, Rosy had to deal with things on her own.

Jessie had only been gone for a day, but Rosy had already begun to feel helpless and uneasy.

"Okay. We can talk about that after I come back. There's something I have to attend to right now."

Jessie wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible before her voice gave her away. She absolutely didn't want Rosy to find out about the affair about her and her sworn father. She knew that Rosy would treat her with disdain after that.

"What is it that you have to attend to? Oh, right, you said you're going to SY City. Are you already there?"

It suddenly occurred to Rosy that Jessie had said goodbye to her at the gate of the hospital last night. Rosy began to wonder why Jessie would head for SY City at night instead of during the daytime.

Rosy was wealthy, so she never had to take the red-eye flight to save money.

But since Jessie's sworn father was a rich and influential man, he wouldn't be so stingy as to buy tickets fo

t want to lose his job, so he had to let Rosy scold him without retorting to her.

But once he was back at his dormitory, he cursed Rosy for her bad temper and hoped that she would never find a man who was willing to marry her.


In the Linda's Garden of the Nalan Clan's residence

Although Linda went to bed very late last night, she got up early in the morning and went to the Mu Clan's private hospital to visit Lord Nalan. So far, Lord Nalan hadn't woken up.

Anna had asked the nurse in the Intensive Care Unit to take good care of Lord Nalan. He could be transferred to the general ward after ten days.

After keeping Lord Nalan company for about an hour, Linda went to the Mu Clan's villa.

No matter how busy she was, she wanted to spend some time with her babies so that she could watch them grow up. She played with her babies for a while at the villa and personally fed them some food. At noon, she returned to the Nalan Clan's residence.

After lunch, Linda took a nap as she had nothing else to do.

However, when she woke up, she had a stomachache and rushed to the restroom. After going to the restroom three more times, she realized that she was suffering from diarrhea.

Just then, a servant came to the door of Linda's room and told her that Adrian was here to see her.

Linda asked Adrian to enter the room.

The moment Adrian came inside, he noticed that Linda looked pale and was touching her belly. "You can stay here for a while first. My stomach hurts so much. I've to go to the bathroom again," Linda said weakly.

"Linda, what's wrong with you? Are you ill? Do you have an upset stomach?" Adrian asked.

"Do you know how to treat an illness as well?"

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