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   Chapter 745 I'm Also Your Granddaughter

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The concoction that Anna had prepared was supposed to make people go into a trance and keep having nightmares.

Rosy was twisting and turning in her bed, her face distorted in fear.

Linda walked up to Rosy's bed and started to observe it.

Rosy's bed looked beautiful and elegant and had a mosquito net.

Even in the dark, Linda could tell that the cot and the bed sheets were all pink. On top of that, the walls of the room and all of the decoration were also pink. It seemed that Rosy had a girlish heart.

After taking the mini speaker that Lily Jiang had given her out of her pocket, Linda glanced around the room.

She was wondering where to place the speaker.

There was no suitable place on the bed to put it.

At last, a piggy bank at the head of Rosy's bed caught her eye.

She was surprised to see it at first. It seemed that Rosy had the habit of saving money even though she was the lady of such a rich clan.

But if Linda placed the speaker in the piggy bank, Rosy would find it easily and throw it away. Linda wanted to put the speaker in a place that Rosy wouldn't be able to discover easily.

Noticing the puzzled look on Linda's face, Nelson caught on to what she was thinking and began to look around the room carefully.

As if she could read their minds, Lily Jiang said gently over the headset, "Linda, there's a double-sided tape on the back of the speaker. First, check if the floor under Rosy's bed is empty. If it is, you can tear off the top layer of the double-sided tape and attach the speaker on the underside of the bed. This way, it will be difficult for Rosy to discover it."

In the darkness, Linda hadn't noticed the double-sided tape on the speaker earlier, so she was surprised to find it now.

She immediately squatted down beside the bed.

As soon as she did that, an unpleasant smell invaded her nostrils.

The area under the bed stunk like rotten eggs or meat.

The smell was a bit familiar to Linda.

A moment later, she realized where the smell was coming from.

Rosy's slippers were on the floor right in front of her. It turne

to make her hallucinate. Since she was hearing Lord Nalan's voice, she would be having nightmares about him right now.

Because of the effect of the concoction, the image of Lord Nalan would flash through Rosy's mind and she would be able to see him clearly in her dream.

"Grandfather, I'm sorry. I know I did wrong, but I didn't mean to.

Please let me off this time, grandfather. I'm your granddaughter."

Rosy began to sob on the bed.

After hearing Rosy's words, Lily Jiang quickly hit play on another audio file that she'd prepared.

"Why did you harm me? You still call yourself my granddaughter? You'll be punished for what you did soon.

Don't you want me to wake up?

Rosy, you're so ruthless. I want you to pay with your life for harming me."

There was a touch of anger and resentment in Lord Nalan's voice. Linda really admired Lily Jiang's skill. Lily had made the audio file sound a hundred percent genuine.

The voice coming from the speakers sounded like Lord Nalan was really scolding Rosy right now.

Rosy seemed to be extremely frightened as she curled up inside her quilt and started trembling all over.

"Grandfather, I didn't mean to kill you. I didn't do that on purpose.

It's all your fault. Why did you dote on Linda so much? Did you intend to give all of the Nalan Clan's property to her? Did you ever stop to remember that I'm your granddaughter too?"

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