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   Chapter 744 Rosy Was Snoring

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Linda realized just exactly how much Lord Nalan favored her when she walked into the Rosy's Garden. The place was way smaller than the Linda's Garden.

Back in university, she had learned a little feng shui, the Chinese science of arranging buildings in good positions.

From what she had learned, she could tell that the Linda's Garden was situated in a better area than the Rosy's Garden.

The flowers and plants in the Linda's Garden were prettier, too.

"If we go straight ahead for 50 meters, we'll arrive at the main house where Rosy sleeps, My Lady," Nelson said, pointing in front of him.

Linda turned to the direction he was pointing in.

Way ahead of them, there was a building that was decorated like a castle, with pink walls outside.

Did Rosy really think she was a princess living in a pink castle?

This was the first time that Linda had come to the Rosy's Garden. Even before Rosy had harmed Lord Nalan, Linda had never been friends with her or visited her. Rosy and Linda were like fire and water, absolutely incompatible.

Now, being here reminded Linda of her hatred toward Rosy.

Rosy was like a little brat who would never grow up or use her head.

Linda shook her head, full of disdain for Rosy.

She and Rosy had become irreconcilable the moment Rosy had decided to harm Lord Nalan.

In Linda's eyes, Rosy was worse than a scum.

Who on earth would poison their own grandfather for their own gains? If Rosy was evil enough to want to murder her own grandfather, what other evil things would she be capable of?

She might even kill her brother and her father for her own interests someday.

Linda couldn't imagine what would happen in the future if Rosy got away with murdering Lord Nalan. Anyway, she would never forgive Rosy for that and would make sure that Rosy got her punishment.

It was only five minutes before the relief of a shift. They ran faster and got to the main house in five minutes. All the lights in the house were turned off, which m

a button battery.

Linda, Bun, and Nelson were already on the second floor.

According to the information Nelson had gotten from his spies, Rosy slept on the second floor.

The door of Rosy's room was closed. Nelson opened it slowly.

By this time, Linda was trembling with fear. She wasn't sure whether the concoction Anna had made had started taking effect. What if Rosy was still awake when they walked into her room?

In that case, what should they do? Should they tie her up?

As these thoughts ran through Linda's head, Nelson beckoned her into Rosy's room. There, Linda found Rosy sound asleep on her bed, snoring.

Linda sneered when she heard the loud snore. For the eldest daughter of a rich clan, Rosy was so unladylike!

Her snoring was so loud that Lily could hear it through the headset. "What's that? I think I hear someone snoring. Is it Rosy?"

"Yes, she's snoring. Oh, dear." Linda let out a grim laugh.

"I never thought that Rosy would snore in her sleep," Bun said quietly, amused.

Linda crept closer to Rosy. It looked like Rosy was having a nightmare at the moment, because she was tightly gripping her quilt with her hands and shaking her head.

Her face was contorted in fear and her eyes were firmly shut.

'How can she be snoring so loud when she's in so much tension?' Linda wondered.

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