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   Chapter 743 Sneak In The Rosy's Garden

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Jessie's sworn father was such a perverted man that he made Jessie want to get as far away from him as possible.

She didn't want to go into the hotel room at all, but she had no choice but to obey his words and close the door behind her.

The next day, Rosy had just woken up when a servant came to give a report.

"Lady Rosy, that bitch, Linda, is back. She even tried to get the security guards' trust and support."

Yawning, Rosy asked, "And how did she do that?"

"It's snowing outside today, and it hasn't snowed this heavily for a few years, so the security guards who were standing guard at the gate would have been freezing. Linda asked them to go back to the security room to get some rest. Since she allowed them to go indoors instead of standing outside in the cold, the two security guards will surely be thankful to her."

Rosy snorted, "Linda is really a sly bitch. She's even intending to get the security guards' trust and support. But it's not meaningful for her to do that. After all, it's not like those security guards are members of the Nalan Clan."

Even so, Rosy was still disgusted with what Linda had done.

In her eyes, Linda had done something meaningless. Rosy had always looked down on security guards because she viewed their work as a humble job.

"Just ignore her. I don't think that's going to help her in any way," Rosy added.

A touch of worry appeared on the servant's face. She wanted to say something but then stopped herself and stared at Rosy silently.

The servant knew the importance of the security guards in the Nalan Clan, but she didn't dare tell Rosy about it, knowing that it would displease her if she talked back.


At this moment, Linda was enjoying the beautiful scenery of the snow in the Linda's Garden.

The snowfall seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.

The whole yard was empty because Linda had asked the security guards who usually stood here to go back to the security rooms. Since the weather was very cold, anyone who stood outside for a long time would start to get chilly.

However, Sam and two other members of the Mu Security Team stood not far away from Linda and watched her. Their most important job was to protect Linda.

Being members of the special forces of the armed police, it didn't make a difference to them whether it was snowing or not.

They wouldn't budge even if hail started to fall. They would

was filled with a deep resentment toward Linda.

"Linda, you are such a bitch! I wouldn't have to eat such medicine if it weren't for you," she began to complain alone.

Rosy had a terrible toothache as the dental nerve had been removed and her gum was swollen.

She had no choice but to take anti-inflammatory medicine for it. In fact, it wasn't good for her body to ingest too much of this medicine, but if she didn't take it, she was unable to fall asleep because of the pain.

In order to relieve the pain, she had to take the anti-inflammatory medicine every night before going to bed. She took out a pill and picked up the glass of water. Then, she put the pill into her mouth and swallowed it while drinking some water.

After taking the medicine, Rosy took her laptop and started browsing the official LV website. She wanted to check whether any new bags had been launched recently and if she could find any bags she liked.

But after a few moments, she began to feel sleepy. She guessed that it must be the anti-inflammatory medicine that was making her feel sleepy, so she turned off her laptop and got into bed.

After all, it was good for her to go to sleep early, so without thinking too much, she switched off the light and slept.

Linda, Bun, and Nelson decided to enter the Rosy's Garden at about 10 o'clock, because that was when the set of security guards who were on duty now would go back to the security room and be replaced by the set of security guards that Nelson had already bribed.

Indeed, Linda, Bun, and Nelson walked into the Rosy's Garden without facing any trouble.

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