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   Chapter 742 Let Me See If Your Skills Are Better

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Jessie was always more discreet and cautious than Rosy, so it was natural that she would doubt the credibility of the information.

"Jessie, what's bothering you? Don't you think this is great news for us? Our biggest obstacle is gone! We don't need to worry anymore,"

Rosy said excitedly. Her happiness was evident on her face.

If Linda was here to see Rosy's face now, she would definitely want to slap Rosy.

What a ruthless and cold-hearted granddaughter Rosy was! She was so excited to hear that her grandfather's surgery had been a failure. She didn't feel even a little sorrow or regret. Intoxicated with the desire for wealth, Rosy had become a horrible person who didn't care at all about her family members.

"Rosy, I think we still have to be cautious about everything. Don't start taking things lightly just because you heard the news from Nelson Li's mouth. After all, you didn't see it with your own eyes that Lord Nalan's surgery was a failure, right?" Jessie reminded Rosy in a serious voice.

Rosy rolled her eyes at Jessie. "Jessie, you're thinking too much. I don't think what we saw and heard was a trick. Didn't you see the anguish on Nelson's face? If he was faking it, then I would say that he's even more talented than A-list actors and good enough to be awarded the Best Actor at the Oscars."

Hearing Rosy's words, Jessie had no choice but to stop cautioning her about this matter.

Rosy was very conceited and always thought that she was really clever, but the truth was that the only reason she had come this far was because of Jessie. If Rosy didn't have Jessie by her side, she would have already been defeated by Linda.

In Linda's eyes, Rosy was no more than an idiot.

After a short moment of silence, Jessie suddenly remembered something unpleasant. Massaging her temple, she said to Rosy, "Oh, right. Rosy, I won't be able to meet you at all the next week. You have to be cautious about everything. Okay?"

"Why? Where are you going?" Rosy asked.

"I have to go on a business trip to SY City," Jessie replied with a bitter smile.

"You mean for your family's business? Isn't SY City a coastal tourist city? Most people go there on vacation. Why are you going there on a business trip?" Rosy asked, looking curiously at Jessie.

Hearing Rosy's question, Jessie's heart skipped a beat. Her face turned pale, but she managed to regain her composure and said, "Yes. I'm going on a business trip, but it's not for my family business. My sworn father has invited some respected politicians to have fun in SY City. He asked me to come with him so that I can have the chance to socialize with some big shots. It will help me build my business connect

nd sat in the back seat. After a short while, Jessie suddenly realized that the car wasn't going in the direction of the airport.

"Mr. Li, aren't you driving me to the airport?" she asked curiously.

"Well, Miss Luo, your flight departs tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. As for tonight, my boss has asked me to drive you to the Civil Hotel," Mr. Li replied. There was a hint of embarrassment in his voice. Mr. Li had worked for Jessie's sworn father for many years, so he knew everything about Jessie's relationship with his boss.

Jessie felt embarrassed facing Mr. Li as well. She could sense his strange glances at her.

But Jessie never commented about it, and she had no anger toward Mr. Li. She understood how he thought of her. She had an indecent relationship with her sworn father, so it was normal for anyone who knew about it to look at her this way.

She sighed inwardly. She knew what was going to happen when she arrived at the Civil Hotel. It would be a sleepless night for her again.

On the way to the hotel, Jessie was completely lost in her thoughts. She really hated the idea of doing such things with her sworn father again, but refusing him wasn't an option. She felt like she was being held captive as a slave, without any way to escape.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the Civil Hotel.

Before Jessie got out of the car, Mr. Li told her the room number that her sworn father would be waiting in. Jessie nodded and went into the hotel.

When she reached the hotel room, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The door swung open and there came a man's voice. "You're here? Go and have a shower first. I've been trying hard to control myself these past two days. I couldn't wait to see you, my sexy girl. Let me see if your skills are better now."

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