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   Chapter 741 Lord Nalan's Operation Failed

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After learning from the two security guards that Linda had told them to go back to the security room instead of standing outside in the cold weather, the other security guards in the security room also began to praise Linda for her kindness.

Of course, Linda had her own motive for being so kind to them.

Winning the servants' support and respect was essential for Linda if she wanted to regain her high status in the Nalan Clan. After all, the servants would play an important role in the battles to come.

Linda knew that Rosy would learn about this matter soon. Some of the security guards at the gate worked for Rosy and were loyal to her, so they'd definitely tell her about the fact that Linda had sent the security guards at the gate back inside to have some rest.

But Linda didn't care whether Rosy found out about her intention of winning the servants' support or not.

After all, Linda hadn't done anything malicious, and Rosy was too proud and arrogant to ever stoop to the level of trying to win the servants' support.

After Linda entered the Linda's Garden, she made her way to the living room.

Nelson rushed there the moment he learned that Linda was back.

A servant quickly went up to Nelson and reported something to him in a low voice.

Nelson nodded in response and the servant left.

"My Lady, it seems that Rosy sent a few servants here several times during these past few days when you weren't here. They kept trying to enter the Linda's Garden, but they were stopped and driven away by my men."

Linda sat leisurely on the sofa and nodded. "Okay. By the way, Nel, the thing I asked you to do last night, how did it go?"

Last night, Linda had entrusted Nelson with a task that was crucial for the success of her plan.

"My Lady, don't worry. I believe that I was able to pass the information to Rosy, just as you asked me to."

Linda had told Nelson to spread a piece of false news to Rosy so that Rosy would let her guard down in the following days.

It had been up to Nelson to figure out a way to carry out that task.

On the way back to the Nalan Clan's residence yesterday, Nelson had decided that the best way to pass the piece of information to Rosy would be to deliberately let her eavesdrop on him, so he had immediately started making the necessary arrangements.

He called his spy at Rosy's place who was responsible for keeping an eye on Rosy and asked him about Rosy's daily schedule.

Nelson learned from his spy that Rosy went to the hospital every day to fill her tooth at about ten o'clock at night because she didn't want anyone to know about it. She felt that she looked hideous since her tooth was missing.

It was the perfect opening for Nel

put his phone away and walked into the Nalan Clan's residence, looking dejected. Rosy quickly drew Jessie further back into the shadows so that they could stay hidden from Nelson. At the moment, Rosy had the upper hand. But if Nelson and Linda found out that Rosy knew about the failure of Lord Nalan's operation, they would definitely do something to keep her mouth shut.

Rosy watched as Nelson lowered his head in sadness. He seemed completely lost to his surroundings and didn't notice them at all.

After Nelson left, Rosy and Jessie left the Nalan Clan's residence and got into a car.

Then, they headed for the Nalan Clan's private hospital.

Now that they were inside the car, Rosy couldn't hold back her excitement anymore.

"I'm so happy! Grandfather's surgery failed!" she exclaimed, laughing gleefully. She still couldn't speak clearly as her damaged tooth hadn't been filled yet, so she sounded a bit comical. But Jessie was used to it.

"Well, we don't have to worry anymore. If Linda can't come up with a good reason to explain this matter and fails to convince the reporters after three months, not just her reputation will be ruined, they will tear her apart. I'm telling you; reports are all hungry vultures. Then, we can defeat her without even doing anything,"

Jessie said with a slight smile.

In the corner of her mind, she wondered why Nelson had been so careless as to talk about such a sensitive matter right at the gate of the Nalan Clan's residence. Finding out Lord Nalan's condition like this almost seemed too easy.

But she decided not to think about it too much. After all, Nelson had looked genuinely sad, which meant that Lord Nalan's surgery must really have been a failure.

Besides, she believed that they'd just happened to overhear him by luck and coincidence.

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