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   Chapter 740 Win Servants' Support And Respect

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Linda took out her phone and sent a message to Charles, telling him that she was going to the Nalan Clan's residence today.

After waiting a short while for his reply, she realized that he was probably in the middle of a meeting.

She put that aside and decided to focus on the present. Right now, the first thing she had to do was to return to the Nalan Clan's residence.

She was planning to give Rosy a big surprise tonight.

Ever since last night, after hearing Linda's plan, Sam had been shocked and confused.

He'd been a soldier for many years and he'd never done such a thing before.

Even though Linda had asked him to drug Rosy, he was still hesitant about it, not knowing whether he should refuse her request or not.

He knew that he had to obey Linda because Charles had told him to follow Linda around and do whatever she ordered him to do.

But being a decent man, he simply didn't want to drug a woman. If people found out about it, his reputation might be destroyed. What was worse, if his girlfriend found out, she would be angry and quarrel with him.

But after pondering over it for a while, Sam eventually agreed and decided to carry out the task Linda had given him.

After all, he knew that Rosy had once harmed Linda, so if Linda wanted to take action against Rosy, he had to help her.

He decided that he would obey Linda and do anything that she told him to do.

After lunch at noon, Linda was planning to leave the Mu Clan's villa along with Lily Jiang, Anna, Bun, and Sam.

Nelson had gone home first. Before he had left, Linda had entrusted him with an important task, but she didn't know if he'd be able to carry it out smoothly.

Either way, the wheels were in motion.

Linda hoped that Rosy would take the bait and fall into her trap this time.

Bun was used to staying by Linda's side, so even though she'd no work at the Nalan Clan's residence since Sam was responsible for drugging Rosy, she still followed Linda there.

Lily Jiang was going along with them to help Linda with the audio files, because Linda wanted to torture Rosy for the whole week, not just one night.

As for Anna, she was going to the Nalan Clan's residence with them to check the effect of the drug.

After she was sure that the drug was effective, she would have to go back to the Mu Clan's private hospital. After all, Lord Nalan was in the hospital now. He needed to be taken good care of, especially for the next few days. Anna had to look after him in person to make sure that Lord Nalan would soon wake up from his c

the rumors were true, Linda was a wicked and ungrateful woman.

However, she'd openly told media reporters that she would make sure that Lord Nalan would wake up within the next three months, so no one knew what to believe. Since they wouldn't be able to find out the truth for the next three months, they were curious about whether Linda had really done such a cruel thing or whether she'd been framed by someone else.

"Which one? The one I was referring to is Lady Linda, of course."

The team leader nodded, absorbed in thought. For a moment, he had been surprised to hear that Rosy had been generous enough to ask the security guards to go indoors because of the cold weather.

But of course, Rosy could never be that kind. She was always arrogant and domineering to all the servants.

"Lady Linda is much nicer than Lady Rosy. No wonder Lord Nalan always doted on Lady Linda instead of Lady Rosy; Lady Rosy is so stuck-up and willful. Whoever gets married to her is a really unlucky man," said one of the guards.

The truth was that the security guards of the Nalan Clan didn't have much work to do.

Their only responsibility was to guard the gate, and each of them only had to do it for two hours a day. It was an easy and comfortable job for them. Besides, they had a lot of time to do their own things.

The Nalan Clan also provided them with meals and accommodation, so they didn't have to bother themselves with such matters.

It wasn't easy to find such a good job in a metropolitan city like SH City. In order to get this job, they'd had to go through several stages of interviews and compete with many other candidates. Each of the security guards was strong and skilled at combat.

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