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   Chapter 739 It Was Time To Strike While The Iron Was Hot

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Raising her head with a sweet smile, Linda looked straight into Charles's eyes.

"Don't get me wrong, honey. I was just making conversation. I only meant that the weather is quite exceptional this year."

Linda knew that Charles loved and cherished her very much. Charles couldn't imagine even a day without Linda by his side and he would never let anything bad happen to her.

"You can't blame me for misunderstanding. You said it wrong and made me worry a lot. How are you going to make it up to me?" Charles asked in a deep voice.

The garden was completely silent except for his voice, which sounded like raindrops. Linda was enchanted by his voice and the scene in front of her. Their long shadows stretched out before them in the moonlight.

Casting a sidelong glance at Charles, she asked deliberately, "How do you want me to make it up to you?"

She knew very well that Charles was thinking about sex. The tenderness in his eyes had given him away.

"I don't know. You tell me," he said gently, pulling her into his arms all of a sudden.

She buried her head into his chest and took in his smell. It was the familiar smell of lavender, which made her feel at ease.

"Honey, don't ever leave me alone, please. I can't live a day without you," said Charles earnestly.

"Don't worry. I won't," Linda replied gently. She understood that Charles's biggest worry was her safety, so she had been doing everything with the utmost caution for a long time now.

There were still a few dangers she hadn't been able to avoid, but luckily, she'd always been able to land on her feet. But every time she thought about the moments of danger, her heartbeat quickened in fear.

Thanks to her luck, she'd always had narrow escapes, but she couldn't take that for granted. Now that she had a sweet family, she couldn't afford to casually take risks. She was Charles's wife as well as Little Potato and Little Tomato's mother. She had to live for them, but she was afraid that she wouldn't be so lucky the next time she was in danger.

Not everyone could keep escaping death. The feeling of barely escaping with her life was a horrible one, and Linda didn't want to experience it again.

Hearing Linda's promise, Charles nodded with satisfaction. Then, without warning, he lifted her up off the ground. Linda couldn't help but cry out in surprise. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she blushed.

The servants who were guarding the garden at night heard the scream and rushed toward them, only to find that their Young Master was holding Lady Linda in his arms and striding purposefully toward the bedroom. As soon as the servants spotted them, they tried to behave as if they hadn't seen anything. It was an awkward but funny scene.

Charles was walking so fast that he didn't even notice the servants. Once he had carried Linda into the bedroom, he laid her on the bed and began to undress her.


Next morning, Linda felt her body aching all over. Last night had been wild. She didn't realize tha

a baby boy. If Bun's baby was a boy, Brian's grandfather would definitely be very happy. Bun's status in the Ho Clan would be higher as well.

Brian's grandfather had said that he didn't care whether the baby was a boy or a girl and that he would treat his great-grandchildren well either way.

But Linda knew that as an elder in a big clan, Brian's grandfather would prefer a great-grandson to a great-granddaughter, simply because most of the successors in big clans were men, not women. It was easy to understand.

After lunch, Anna took out of a vial of liquid and handed it to Linda.

"My Lady, this is the concoction that you asked me to prepare for you. It's colorless and odorless. You can mix it in drinks or food. It will take effect about an hour later," Anna explained.

After looking carefully at the vial of liquid, Linda opened the vial and smelled it. Anna was right. Not only did the concoction look like plain water, but it also smelled like it.

"Okay. I still have one last question. If the person who has ingested this undergoes a blood test or any other medical examination, will they be able to find out what they've ingested?" asked Linda.

"No, no doctor will be able to find out. This concoction won't leave any traces in the human body. Its ingredients are harmless to the human body and they will be metabolized in five hours."

The concoction was prepared from flowers and plants following the teachings of Chinese medicine.

Linda felt reassured when she heard Anna's words. She'd wanted to make sure that even if someone sensed that something was wrong, they wouldn't be able to trace the problem back to Linda. If Linda was caught doing something like this, the family members of the Nalan Clan would never let it go.

Linda could never include anything that she was unsure about in her plans.

Putting away the vial of liquid, Linda decided to carry out her plan after going back to the Nalan Clan's residence today.

She had to strike while the iron was hot.

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